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Finding The Right Cheap 150cc Motorcycle

You are looking for a cheap 150cc motorcycle because you do not want that much power. You want to get around, but you do not want to feel like you are riding this massive thing that makes too much noise. The American ideal of the motorcycle is big and loud, but there is a whole other culture around motorcycles that makes them much smaller and easier to ride.

1. What Is Too Big?
You do not want a road hog that you know will make too much noise, and you should choose a motorcycle that was made for highway riding. The cheap 150cc motorcycle you choose should be small enough for city riding. However, it would work on the highway if you needed to take a long trip.

2. What Is Too Small?
The Honda Super Cub is the best selling motorcycle of all time, but it might be a little bit too small for you because it is almost like riding a scooter or a Vespa. You must be certain that you are right in the middle with something that is more akin to a dirt bike. These motorcycles are simple, cheap, and easy to ride.

3. What Are You Looking For In A Bike?
The right motorcycle has amenities that help you remain comfortable on the road. It must have a seat that is good for long distance riding, and it must have a stereo that you can hear on the road. The bike should have a locking system that protects it from theft, and it must have a locking fuel tank so that people cannot siphon from your tank.

The bike should have a speedometer and odometer that you can read. It must have a place to hitch bags in the back, and it should have a cover for the engine that is easy to remove. The bike itself should have a nice color, and it must not have metal that you have to clean. Only stainless chrome will do when searching for the right bike.

4. How Much Does The Bike Cost?
The bike should be a price that you find affordable. Of course, not all bikes are the same. You could purchase an expensive bike with only 150cc, but that is not a good use of your money. You must start looking at brands that tend to hold up. Honda and KTM bikes last a long time, and BMW bikes do well over the years. You do not want to get anything too fancy because it could be too hard to service.

5. Why Only 150cc?
You want just enough power to ride on the highway without feeling like you have too much power. A 150cc bike is usually a little bit smaller, and it is much easier to ride. You could put some off-road tires on the bike so that you can ride it anywhere that you want, and you will not scare everyone in the morning when you start it up.

This bike will scythe through the city traffic because it is not too big, but it will also conquer the highway on the way to the office. You are choosing this bike because it can be all things to all people when you need versatility instead of style.

6. Finding The Best Price
The price that you want for the bike is only found after a lot of comparison shopping in your area. You need to know that the price is in your budget, and you should not be afraid to ask the seller to lower the price. You might want to have a chat with the seller over the bike, and you could haggle the price while you go for a test ride.

The correct 150cc motorcycle for your needs is the one that checks all the boxes above. Belmonte Bikes deals in some of the best and most reliable 150CC motorcycle. The 150cc bike will be all things to all people, and it will do anything you want. These bikes are not too large, they do not have too much power, and they do not cost too much.

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