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Everything You Need To Know About The 49cc Mini Quad ATV!

Mini ATVs or all-terrain vehicles are cool and exciting for kids below the age of ten. Your little one can ride it on a pavement outside your home, or with his/her other little friends and get a recreational activity for summers. A quad ATV that runs on an electric power supply is considered suitable for a small kid, as it has a limited maximum speed and offers much more stability due to its four-wheeler rack. Or, a mini four-wheeler gas ATV can be purchased if your kid is in their teen years and wishes to take better control of the ATV while riding. A 49cc mini quad ATV can be easily ridden by your child if he or she is above the age of ten, along with your constant supervision to safeguard them at every stage. Mini ATV allows you to twist its throttle and take it out on any road surfaces, hilly terrains, water, etc. Since some of them run on a lead-acid battery supply, you can easily trigger it anywhere and drive through the boredom!

Having said about the Mini quad ATV, let us explore its specifications and what it offers to its riders - 

  • Product specifications - The latest model of the mini quad ATV in 49cc variant offers a maximum speed of 30MPH, two small exhausts to give it a nice sporty look, adjustable speed governors for both adults and kids to take it on a roll! Being a quad model, it provides better stability and handling than its preceding models, thus you can guarantee your child’s safety. Here is a detailed list of product specifications that define it as a preferable alternative - 
    • A 2-stroke engine with an automatic transmission mechanism, thus hand-clutch free ride every time
    • A powerful framework that can easily hold up the weight of 68 KG adult
    • Adjustable speed governors make it easy for the rider to control the bike’s speed on different terrains, or road surfaces.

  • Upgrades by Belmonte Bikes - Product upgrades seem to increase the sales by the present stats, and Belmonte Bikes has fully upgraded its mini quad ATVs and has introduced reforms via its new 49cc Mini Quad ATV! Matching wheel rims along with aesthetic color variants, the dual, massive exhaust pipes make it look extra sporty and bold. New and improved mono-shock absorbers, both in the front and back, are added to the quad ATV to make the ride smooth and landing perfect. Further, for a better braking system and safety, Belmonte has included cross-drilled rotors to boost its performance and ensure a timely and effective braking mechanism. 

  • Warranty and extended warranty cover options - Belmonte provides full, credible warranty coverage on products that are directly purchased from its online store, which means if you visit their website to make a purchase, you need not worry about their commitment towards the product warranty. 
    • Suppose your ATV, unfortunately, faces a manufacturing defect in its first month of purchase, Belmonte Bikes cover the complete cost of repair, along with the shipping charges to make sure you do not suffer. 
    • Further, the basic cover of one year subject to the defective parts will be borne by the company, and in some cases, the shipping charges too.
    • If one wishes to buy an extended warranty cover, it is possible that the customer might be levied with administrative charges for a repair, however, the cost of defective parts will be thoroughly covered in the extended warranty period.

  • Helmet package - It is quite beneficial for you to purchase safety gear before taking your Quad ATV to the hills. Therefore, Belmonte Bikes eases your problem by including a helmet package at the initial checkout point. You can go through various options and sizes to match your safety gear with your ATV’s variant. 

  • Takeaway

    With the rise in technological advancements around us, every industry is booming with alternatives to retain and revolutionize the prospective customer base. Upgraded and enhanced Quad ATVs are a great addition to an adult’s life, which is why many automobile manufacturers are investing their efforts and time into bringing something modernized to the market!

    Why is Belmonte Bikes the best option? 

    Since ATVs are a big thing in the market now, Belmonte Bikes have initiated their production of upgraded mini Quad ATVs, pocket bikes, two-wheeler ATVs, etc to capitalize on the market potential and establish their base. We aim at providing genuine products to our customers at reasonable prices to make sure your bike rides become convenient and memorable. With double quality checks performed before shipping the final product, we make an effort and ensure that you consider your purchase worth the money. To know more about quality auto products, visit our website today or reach out to our support team via phone!

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