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Everything You Need To Know About 2020 Falcon 250cc!

Falcon 250cc Motorcycle is a street motorcycle that is both stylish and one of the classics in today’s time. Street motorcycles are becoming more and more famous among the younger generation of our society just because of their stunning aesthetic looks, performance-efficient potential, and steady framework. A Falcon motorcycle is best known for its sporty appearance and powerful engine that allows you to accelerate past the winds!

It is considered to be an adult ride as it has a bigger build than usual street motorcycles, however, it achieves more on the feature and specification’s end. The 2020 Falcon 250cc motorcycle not only has upgraded in terms of framework mechanism, electric battery potential, and engine and transmission, from its preceding models but also has enhanced its sheer handling on off-road surfaces. 

Before buying a Falcon, you can go through customer reviews, research its features and specifications to make a better choice, and make sure that your purchase decision works out well for you! Empowered with a mighty 250cc engine, the Falcon motorcycle helps you strive to longer distances with convenient rides. The new model is power-packed with a digital speedometer and odometer which is hand-finished with the finest craftsmanship to ensure you have a better display version and enjoy every bit of your ride.

Having talked about it in brief, let us, deep-dive, into the Falcon motorcycle and what does it offer to us - 

  • Engine and ignition system - Starting with the powerhouse of any automobile which is an engine and its ignition mechanism, the 2020 Falcon 250cc motorcycle comes with a 250cc four-stroke engine that has the ability to provide optimal force, and performance. For a smooth riding experience, the manufacturers of Falcon motorcycles have introduced a smart starting alternative, a push start button that takes only a fraction of battery power and refrains you from forcing a kick start. The ignition system of the street motorcycle includes this high-power starter that ensures you can easily start your bike, on any road surface or condition.

  • Tank capacity and transmission - The gas tank of this motorcycle has a massive capacity of four and a half gallons, which means your long rides won’t be halted soon. A large fuel tank with an efficient fuel filter makes it an overall efficient automobile. It also supports an automatic transmission that helps you not to worry about the hand clutch while accelerating. Automatic transmission is quite beneficial for beginners who are still learning and require to focus on one thing, at a time. This means that a falcon motorcycle can become an ideal choice in the initial riding phase.

  • Max speed, tire size, and wheelbase - Powered by a solid engine and efficient fuel system, the Falcon 250cc motorcycle reaches a top speed of 90mph which makes it a speed freak on the track. Along with the raging speed, it provides a larger than usual tire size in the front (110/70-17) and back (140/70-14)) that helps you cover more distance in less time. In addition, the 52 inches wheelbase guarantees higher RPM and better grip on rubber tires for steady handling.

  • Dimensions and ground clearance - Ground clearance is necessary for every automobile to protect its exterior and reduce the chances of scraping it from the surface down. Although low ground clearance boosts handling, bikes usually are designed with a little high ride height to ensure it absorbs the road shocks efficiently and doesn’t jeopardize the rider. The Falcon motorcycle is as long as 79 inches and has a ground height of approx three and a half ft, and a 30-inch width coverage precisely.

  • Other specifications - There are a handful of other specifications of the Falcon 250cc motorcycle that makes it so popular, like its disc brake system, cool LED headlights, and signal lights to ensure your safety on the roads. Moreover, it is designed in multiple variants, such as burgundy, green, black, white, etc so you can choose from your preferable color variant, and upgrade it with matching modified parts.

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    • I have a vitacci falcon 250cc 2020 bick I’m working on and need to know what size shocks go on the back

      Lance Guffey
    • When you press and hold the buttons in the speedometer it gives you an option of 100000-900000 what does this mean

      Tyler Hemicker

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