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Dirt bike for kids- Advantages, cost, and features

People who live in hilly areas and rough terrains are always in for an amazing off-roading experience. Dirt bikes are very different from regular bikes as dirt bikes are lightweight and have much better shock absorption parts. The suspension and tires of these bikes are according to the hilly and rough areas so that people can easily control the bikes on bumps and rough roads.

Now, dirt bikes are getting more famous and popular because of their new features and advantages. We will discuss a few facts about dirt bikes and see why is it getting famous among the kids.

 So let’s get started, shall we?

What is a dirt bike?

Dirt bikes are normally lightweight and off-roading motorcycles that are made for hilly and rough terrains with thin tires and high suspension power for shock absorption. These kinds of bikes gain much popularity among motocross tournaments. The bikes are mostly constructed on a special demand according to the rider. 

The engine of dirt bikes is lightweight and only less than 500cc. The dirt bikes are usually illegal on streets and highways but in some states of the U.S., you are required to have a license sticker to drive these bikes. Dirt bikes are getting so famous that many companies started manufacturing dirt bikes, especially for kids. 

Now if you think about how much does a dirt bike cost for a kid, then here’s your answer. 

Cost of dirt bike for kids 

Dirt bikes are usually expensive because they are made up of high-quality material and all the body of the bike is made up of lightweight material. Now, a normal dirt bike costs around $1000-$3000. In the case of dirt bikes for kids, it costs around $500-$950. Dirt bikes built for kids have 49cc engines which are not heavy and mainly harmless. 

You can find kid’s dirt bike on Belmonte Bikes which available at a reasonable price. You can also check out several options for dirt bikes according to your comfort; whether you want gas or electric-based dirt bikes and such. 

Features of kid’s dirt bike

It is because of the features of dirt bikes that they are gaining immense popularity among kids. These bikes are fun to ride and also have features like:

  • They are lightweight and easy to handle.
  • The height of the bikes is adequate which means your kids can place their feet while sitting on the bike. 
  • The manufacturers install safety measures for the safety of the kid. 
  • You can also add a training wheel if your kid is too young and at the learning stage. 
  • Available in both gas and electricity.
  • The engines are according to the kids which mean there are no chances of high speeds. 

Advantages of Kid’s Dirt bike 

Dirt bikes are getting famous nowadays because many companies are manufacturing kid’s dirt bikes with well-equipped and advanced features. Here are some of the advantages of Kid’s dirt bike-

  • Lightweight in nature
  • The kids’ dirt bikes are lightweight and easy to handle. 

  • Available in gas as well as electricity
  • Kids’ dirt bikes can be run on gas or in the form of battery-based power. 

  • Reasonable price
  • The dirt bikes for kids are available at a reasonable price and not that expensive. 

  • Safety kill switch
  • There is a safety kill switch installed in the dirt bike for kids in case of emergency and if the engine gets overpowered. 

    New manufacturing companies have leveled-up the game for dirt bikes. In fact, as per Milehi Rafting, dirt bikes and ATVs did not have brake lights until the 1980s.

    Why Belmonte Bikes?

    Many companies are available for manufacturing dirt bikes according to customer demand. Yes, if you are a bike rider, you can make a dirt bike according to your will. The dirt bikes that are shown in motocross tournaments are customized so that the riders can ride them with proper control. 

    This option is available in kid’s dirt bikes as well, and this helps your kid keep the bike perfectly balanced. If you want to know how much does a dirt bike cost for a kid, then customized bikes cost more as compared to other bikes. Companies like Yamaha and Suzuki are major manufacturers of dirt bikes. They make the best quality dirt bikes and also test the bikes before selling them. 

    With the increase in technology, kids have now got more and more options to indulge themselves in outdoor activities. Belmonte Bikes helps meet the demands of the customers and offers them dirt bikes at a reasonable price. You can find many options and select the best according to your needs without having to worry about how much does a dirt bike cost for a kid. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best dirt bike and give your kid a great life.

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      Levi Armstrong

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