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DF50SST Latest Model Specification To Look For | Ninja Motorcycle Buy Online

Two-wheelers are an easy ride for kids, teens, and adults too. You surely cannot get enough of them with their stylish design, high-performance body, and stylish look. Speaking of two-wheelers, you must have heard of the new talk of the town edition, the Ninja Motorcycles. Named by Kawasaki, a ninja motorcycle is quite famous for its extravagant design, high speed, and glossier than ever looks. For starters, you can explore the latest ninja model, DF50SST, which gives out a premium look. These sport bikes are nothing but race machines for those who adore speed and are fascinated by the bulky, heavy-duty framework. 

If you are an entry-level biker, then riding a ninja motorcycle in the first place would be an advantage. Despite its pro appearance, it is convenient to ride a ninja bike because it usually has the simplest transmission controls, and the brakes are extremely soft to pull. In addition, you may not find it challenging to ride a ninja motorcycle, especially at low-speed levels, because it offers excellent control and grip over the handles and brake pedals. Therefore, it is ideal to opt for a ninja motorcycle because they allow you to better your riding potential and simultaneously be a biking pleasure. 

General Information 

Kawasaki Ninja motorcycles were launched in various series; the latest one among them is the DF50SST, which offers a blend of minimal weight and high speed. Packed with the concept of a ninja motorcycle, it often portrays its neon variant that makes it look much more appealing. The product brochure promises that the ninja motorcycle could reach a fathomless speed in a matter of seconds, thanks to its aerodynamic framework. Generally, ninjas are driven by event racers who ride them on race tracks, but, lately, due to the craze of this speed maniac, people have been taking them out on roads, highways, and even in and around their vicinity. 

Having said that, a ninja motorcycle can also be ridden at a low speed. For instance, you can ride it along with your biking gang and on an exciting road trip. Not only does it promise you a long ride, but it also focuses on the rider’s comfort via its plush seat and adjustable handlebars that can be brought near or set far to suit your posture.

Engine and Transmission Data

Talking about the engine, the Ninja motorcycle offers a solid 125cc engine powered by a four-stroke transmission system. Bikes usually have manual transmission to give the rider complete control of the vehicle, which is why you may find manual transmission on a Ninja motorcycle. However, it instead gives a sturdy appearance to the bike and enhances your biking experience altogether. On the other hand, ninjas ease the experience by providing an electric, push-button start system that lets you initiate your ride anytime, anywhere. Along with that, the motorcycle has a rather sizable gas/fuel container, ensuring that fuel does not become a hindrance between you and your bike.

Dimensions, Aerodynamics, and weight

After exploring the deets about the engine and transmission capacity of a ninja motorcycle, it’s time to shed light on the dimensions and weight. The latest series comes in 1.7m length and a 1.01m height from the ground. It also offers a significant ground clearance level, so your ninja motorcycle does not suffer during high bumps. The aerodynamic style makes it a one-of-a-kind auto, and its lightweight framework promises easy and safe control. 

Electrical System, Ignition, and More

Because ninja motorcycles are high-level autos, they are power-packed with state-of-the-art auto technology. Ranging from CDI ignition, electric start system to a smart engine kill switch, a ninja motorcycle has everything that a biker would aspire to! It has disc brakes at the front and the rear tires, so you can pull the brakes with caution anytime. Along with those features, it has generic facilities like beaming headlights, taillights, and signal indicators to ensure a secured ride.


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