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There is no experience as liberating as driving a motorcycle. The ride is even more worthwhile when it is on your favorite motorcycle. It is aptly said, “four wheels move the body while two wheels move the soul.” But we all very well aware of the fact that motorcycles are an expensive investment, which is why it is vital that they are only bought after thorough research regarding all the determining aspects. Although every motorcycle enthusiast would have had sleepless nights deciding the next set of wheel they are going to put their feet on, it has been observed that in the enthusiasm, they often end up making certain mistakes that cost them a fortune.

Let us discuss things that should be kept in mind when purchasing new and used motorcycle:

  • It is of utmost importance that you don't buy the first motorcycle that you lay your eyes on. Keep your options open, check the motorcycle around the stores, even online stores like Belmonte bikes where surprisingly you will find a diverse range of excellent quality bikes be it dirt bike or chopper. You can also get parts for your motorcycle if you wish to for modification for your custom chopper. Evaluate all your options, so that you can get a good deal.
  • Not to undermine your confidence level, by considering that you are going to make a considerable investment, it is advisable always to purchase the one that matches your skill level instead of trying to copy one of your favorite motorcycle riders.
  • You don't buy a pen without checking whether it is working or not, how can you buy a motorcycle without riding it? Always take a test ride to check if you are comfortable sitting and riding it. It also helps in determining the other aspects of the bike, like the speed, how the engine, clutch transmission works and more.
  • Don't get duped into purchasing an expensive buy just because it has a higher cubic capacity. Check for essential aspects and make a smart decision of buying a motorcycle that fits your needs and budget. Don't forget to discuss the discounts and offer that you are eligible for, with each prospective bike.
  • Out of embarrassment, the first time motorcycle buyer, don't ask too many question and are complacent with what the salesperson says about the motorcycles. You should know that the salesperson is for resolving your queries and you have the right to ask as many as a question as possible so that when you pay the hefty price, you have the satisfaction that you re purchasing the right motorcycle.

When purchasing  a used motorcycle:

  • Riders often forget to inspect the chain and sprocket area of the motorcycle carefully. If the sprocket is nearing their life term, they will have broken or pointed teeth. Always check the chain properly by pushing it with the feet, whether it is loose or tight and does it have rusty links. If you are purchasing a belt-driven motorcycle, check for the signs of wear and tear in the belt.
  • Carefully check the handlebars, levers, switches for any damage. Watch out for any secrets at the end of the joints, sparks when started. Inspect the cables correctly, to check that it is operating freely and doesn't have any tear.
  • Check that all the electricals and instruments such as a battery, light, wiring harness, charging system, horns are working properly and show no sign of damage.
  • Little noise when riding a motorcycle is normal, but when you are test driving, which you must, check if there is no strange sound coming out of the motorcycle like rattling, rumbling as these are a clear indication shows some serious mechanical problem and continuous usage of the motorcycle might result in a catastrophic disaster.
  • Check the bodywork thoroughly and watch out for any crack, scratches, dent, rust, glaze in the seat, saddlebag, fuel tanks, fenders.
  • Check for any oil leak, smoke or sputters in the engine or transmission, as this is a sure sign of hardware problem.

Regardless of whether you have purchased a new motorcycle or a used one, it is your responsibility to immediately get motorcycle insurance from a credible insurance agency to financially safeguard yourself in any unfortunate event. While we are at it, let's pinpoint some grave mistakes that people make while buying motorcycle insurance:

  • Filling incorrect information;
  • Not specifying any nominee;
  • Not determining the right Insured declared value and No claim bonus;
  • Forgot transferring two wheeler insurance  policy when buying second-hand two-wheeler;

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