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Stay Away From These Common Motorbike Maintenance Mistakes

From movies like Terminator to Easy Rider to various televised racing shows, many factors have contributed to the explosion in the popularity of motorbikes, and this is why the global motorbike market value has reached around US$ 115,720.5 Mn and it is increasing at a very fast pace.

The joy of ruling the roads on a motorbike can’t be matched with anything else, and that’s why the one thing that we are 100% sure about is the growing popularity of motorcycles like Honda clone for sale in the whole world.

But you will have to accept the fact that there are many new riders out there that are not aware of the basics of motorbike maintenance and this is why they subconsciously hurt their favourite two-wheeler while degrading its performance. It doesn’t matter which type of motorbike you own or in which part of the world you live, there are some common motorbike maintenance mistakes that you need to avoid and this is what we are going to discuss in this blog post.

Running at high RPM for a longer duration of time

Suppose you are serious about keeping your Honda clone for sale in the right shape and maintain its performance for a more extended period of time. In that case, you will have to avoid operating your motorbike at high RPM for a longer duration of time. You must have seen one biker at the red stop who loves to rev his engine into the 1000s, and it might look cool as well. But you should know that doing so can hamper the performance of your bike in many different ways.

The key to keeping your bike in the right shape lies in avoiding unnecessary wear on your motorbike, and if you are aware of the automobile world, then you must be mindful of the fact that a similar type of approach is used in cars as well. Naturally revving the engine sound surely looks stylish, but in the longer run, this type of habit will only damage your motorbike.

Over tightening components

Suppose you have gone for Honda clone buy online and are entirely new to motorbike maintenance. In that case, there are maximum chances that you will end up over-tightening the components as it is one of the most common mistakes made by beginners. But this type of mistake can turn out to be very costly for you since it can easily break components and strip threads as well. And if the components of the bike will die during the ride, then it can also lead to an accident.

This is why you will need to use a torque wrench so that you can tighten the screws with 100% accuracy. You can go 10% below the recommended torque mentioned by the manufacturer as this will be an ideal approach.

Not replacing chains

It is effortless for even an experienced motorbike owner to forget about replacing chains. But if you keep on using your Honda clone buy online on old chains, then the gear shifting will become more rigid, and you will not be able to enjoy a smooth ride.

There are many moving parts in a chain, and since they are always exposed to the weather, they can wear very easily. So, make sure to check your chains regularly because spending $15 on chains is much cheaper than paying $74 on cassette.

Using harsh chemical for cleaning

Owning your dream bike is truly an unparalleled experience as many bike lovers once dreamt about it. But just owning a bike will not be enough as you will also have to clean it regularly in order to maintain its shine and look. And if you are planning to use harsh chemicals to get rid of the tougher stains on your bike, then this can turn out to be the worst decisions of your life.

Using harsh chemicals regularly for cleaning your bike can damage your engine in the longer run. So, don’t be in the misconception that if you use harsh chemicals for cleaning your bike, then it will only peel off the layer of paint.

Keeping a bike in the right shape can be a challenging task, but you will indeed have to earn your ride if you are a true motorbike fanatic. You will just have to keep tabs on some of the important parts of your motorbike and make sure that you buy your motorbike from a seller that maintains its quality like Belmonte Bikes. With just regular checks and avoiding the mistakes mentioned above, you can keep yourself away from being a complete noob at maintaining bikes

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