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Check Out The Impeccable Features Of Our 250cc Pocket Bike

The ultra-modern, designed with utmost perfection and vision, the 250cc Pocket bike has become the most loved bikes for youngsters in Canada. Regardless of the different versions of mini bikes, this pocket bike stands the top in the list. Right from the compact design to the feature, this luxury bike can be deal for you. Every feature of 250cc pocket bike defines the function at its smoothest. Apart from the functionality aspect, you will definitely praise the color combination of each bike. The speed of 250cc not only defines the utmost thrill, the functionality of the bike is designed to accommodate the speed and provide you the safest ride with utmost adventure.

Whether you are planning to buy pocket bikes for yourself or planning to gift someone special in your life, you are definitely making the best deal for you.this stylish pocket bike has always been successfully retaining its domination amongst other motorcycle designs. This beautiful pocket bike can be your best companion for each ride and cherish the happiest and adventures moment lifelong.

When it comes to design and feature, the “user-friendly” aspect has always been in the minds of makers. The advanced and extra features are added only for your convenience and safety while you are riding on the road. The super-stylish pocket bike has been designed to accommodate on the roads of Canada perfectly. So, shop from the house of Belmonte Bikes to get the best deal on price offering and other added service such as free shipping ensuring the security of the item.

Here are some of the great features of our 250cc Pocket Bikes.

  • Two Seater
  • The 250cc pocket bike is a two-seater bike that ensures a comfortable and safe seating for you and your partner. Made with quality leather, the seats are not troublesome for irritating while sitting. In case, you race the pace of the bike, in such a situation, you will get the utmost safety and comfort. There is no chance of slipping.

  • Street legal
  • Our collection of pocket bikes is a street legal bike as these have got the license to use on public roads as our pocket bikes have got the sufficient features to pass the legalities. These pocket bikes consist of specified lighting, signal, and safety equipment. So, here you don't have to worry about safety measurements buying our super stylish pocket bikes.

  • Electric start
  • This is absolutely convenient! Our  has got an electric start where you only need to press a small button to start your bike. This will never irritate you whenever you have to stop and start the bike in between the roads, so you don’t have to wait longer in traffic, just see the signal you carry on your ride. This is not only time-saving but also saves you from any embarrassment on the road. Also, if you are speed lover, then this pocket bike is your choice. Several bikers have stated that bikes with electric start are more convenient than the bikes with manual start.

  • Hi-Beam/Lo-Beam Headlights
  • Our pocket bikes have got the front and rear headlights with high/low beams so that you can accordingly navigate the lighting in different areas to provide you perfect vision to operate the bike. While we don’t believe in inferiority, the lightings are of the utmost quality that ensures the longevity. High beams light becomes an important feature in a bike when you ride in rural areas.  

  • Metal Gas Tank
  • The pocket bike consists of a metal gas tank that not only ensures resilient but also is an ideal container to safely accumulate the fuel. The sustainability of the metal gas tank is tremendous that cannot easily be dented.

  • Front & Rear Disc Brakes
  • A smooth ride can only be defined if a bike has got the front and rear disc brakes and that’s what our super pocket bikes ensure. They are well-designed to help you in critical conditions when you are riding the bike. You do not5 have to worry when your pocket bike has got this ultra feature.

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