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Buy Our Stylish Two Seater 200CC Armored Go- Kart This Christmas


Go-Karts are trending and their huge demand are out of control these days. If you are interested in adventure activities then our Amazing new two seater 200cc Go-Kart is what exactly you have been missing on all your previous adventures! Take your partner along with you or get lost exploring with your best friend. Go karting is an interactive and fun  activity to enjoy with your special ones. This amazing Two Seater 200CC Armored Go- Kart is here to stay for a longer time and can also make your shopping experience completely hassle free.

Choosing the right kart for yourself or for gifting it to someone can make a huge difference between riding it regularly or infrequently. If you are looking forward to buy Go Kart, then we can help you. There are variety of choices when it comes to go kart companies and manufacturers but at Belmonte Bikes we provide you the best choice. We have only the best and top quality of Go karts models. Our stylish two seater squad will keep you rocking with its outstanding features. When it comes to our Go Karts, we have designed them with extraordinary features.

  • Extremely Stylish
  • Our amazing Two Seater 200CC Armored Go- Kart makes you look  extremely stylish and cool while you ride it. Known for its extravagant durable and bulletproof look, our stylish 200cc Go-Kart is loaded with strong craftsmanship to last you a lifetime. This amazing Go Kart provides more durability and great handling. So, what are you waiting for? Spend a little and take a long ride of our stylish Go- Kart. This model is designed with a strong bumper at the front side which helps  in riding the go-kart safer as it protects it in cases unwanted accidents or damages.

  • CVT Automatic Transmission
  • Our cool 200cc Go kart is fitted with a CVT Automatic Transmission system rather than an automatic transmitter in ordinary other karts. It's no secret that CVT is much smoother and  gives better results than an automatic transmitter. With our brand new Two Seater 200CC Armored Go- Kart ,  you can enjoy amazing rides for more coming years. This model has CVT with reverse gears that improves its engine life as well as the overall performance of the G0- Kart.

  • Adjustable and Comfortable Seats
  • The seats of our stylish 200CC Armored Go- Kart can be easily adjusted separately according to your comfort. Get ready for exciting years of enjoyable and pleasant riding experience, as the seats of this amazing Go- Kart model are designed to ensure your ease and comfort. The dual seats are long lasting, comfortable and spacious and are padded to make your rides wonderful and enjoyable experience.  So, don't wait more and make this amazing two seater go kart yours!

  • A Three-Point Safety Seat Belt Harness
  • This is one of the best features of our brand new Two Seater 200CC Armored Go- Kart. Each seat of this cool go kart comes with a three point safety belt, which ensures more protection and safety of rider and others at all the times. A three-point safety seat belt harness provides more protection than other standard belt systems and also provides better grip when rider suddenly apply brakes.

  • Perfect For All Ages
  • This christmas gift your kid our amazing 200CC Armored Go- Kart. Our cool and extremely stylish model of Go- Kart (DF200GKV-N)  is beyond your imagination. This cool model is easy and quick to understand making is perfect for all ages people. Specially designed with electric start option, makes riding it faster and easier. This model is also comfortable for teens and kids.

    So are you all set to bring this fascinating model home?  These were just few features of our stylish four wheeler Go-Kart. Our superbly designed Go- Kart (DF200GKV-N) also comes with other cool features such as the rear luggage rack, cup holder, extra storage space in case luggage, the bright tail and headlights which provides great visibility when you rides on the dark roads.

    At Belmonte Bikes, we offer our valuable customers with outstanding service six days of a week from monday to saturday. Our motive is bring your inner adventure out while riding our elegant and high quality Go-Kart. We also provide free shipping. So what are you waiting for? Shop from Belmonte Bikes for High performance Go Karts.

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