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Customization is not a new thing when it comes to bikes. Owners have been changing their bike designs according to their convenience and taste since the advent of the vehicle. However, the term “custom bikes” was not commonly used until companies started using the word in the name of their models. This wasn’t until the 1950s, even later than the advent of best of custom bikes, bobbers, in the 1930s. Then known as the “bob-jobs”, the trend spread like wildfire from Europe to America and before anyone knew, the era of custom bikes had started.


Starting With The Bob-Jobs

Usually, with the purpose of making the bike lighter and ultimately faster, bobbers were created by stripping away the unnecessary parts of the bike like the front fender and bobbing down the read fender, and some of the body kit. Usually featuring teardrop gas tanks and regular handlebars, the bike still maintained a look quite close to the original ones without any extreme customization. But this was just the start of customization in bikes. Along with the that of hot-rods, the trend of customized bikes was also getting more and more popular. CUstomization was getting extreme step by step. The casual custom bobbers, were then paving way for a new level of customization creating what is called choppers.

Paving Way For Choppers

These were bikes a little more chopped than the bobbers and suddenly becoming more popular than its precedent. Along with the fenders, the bikers now started stripping off the bike of the body frame as well, turning the bike into a much smaller vehicle without the windshield and headlights. The compact body was complemented with high-rise handlebars on elongated forks. The 1969 film, “Easy Rider” gave a boost to the popularity of these custom bikes. There were 4 chopper bikes used in the film named “Captain America” and interestingly enough, neither survived by the release of the film. One was destroyed in a scene and the other 3 were stolen even before the movie shooting was completed.

Getting Back To The Bobbers

While choppers did manage to steal the spotlight for sometime, the simplicity of its precedent gained relevance againing the bikers’ community. Companies like Triumph started bringing customizable models in the market. Tapping into a new demand-risen market, the companies also started to bring out customization accessories kits. By the end of the 20th century, customized Triumph bikes like Bonneville were a common sight on the road.

Customized Bikes Today

With the ease of getting your bikes customized as you want either at stores or yourself, customized bikes are still popular as ever. Bobber-Choppers have earned legislations in their names defining the legal parameters since busy roads are not always good enough to host too elaborate choppers. Buying bobber-choppers online has become another option for bikers contributing to further popularity.

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