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Bentley Toy Car: The Perfect Fun Ride For Your Kid

Summer is finally here! This means you can now enjoy the outdoors especially with your little boy or little girl. You would want to instill a sense of independence in your little ones this summer. With all the gadgets available nowadays, it is pretty hard to convince your kids to go outside and play in the fresh, green environment. You want them to be active with some fun toys that could nurture a sense of freedom and growth in them.


Kids simply love toys, especially that could move on their own. This is the reason ride on cars remain at the top of their wish list and what could be more fun and exciting than a luxury Bentley toy car for your kid. Their smooth finish, great looks and amazing functionality just makes it the best thing for your kid.

Bentley toy cars look good and fun while giving your kids a sense of freedom that they always wish for. Moreover, the Bentley Toy Car will grow with your kids. The various advanced features puts parents in charge of the car until the kids are old enough to handle on their own. Our battery powered Bentley GTC looks identical to the real thing with authentic badges.


This in a way keeps your little boy or girls body, and brain muscles moving while flexing their imagination to great lengths. So, let’s take a look at its various amazing features:


  • The Bentley is equipped with a 12 volt motor and a 12V rechargeable battery that gives it a top speed of 3.5 mph. The car has both the options so you can move it both in forward and reverse direction. This allows your kid to enjoy a sweet ride while giving you a piece of mind.
  • This toy car is perfect for the children in the age group of 3 to 5 years old. As it can run upto 1.5 hours once fully charged, your little one can spend a lot of time outside in the light and greenery.
  • The Bentley toy car comes with it's charger and wireless remote control for full outside control of the car.
  • The LED lights give it a sporty look while the steering wheel makes you feel like you are driving the real thing. Just like any regular car, Bentley toy car has an electric brake and a seat belt.

 So, start teaching your kid the rules of the road through these battery powered mini Bentley versions. Your child can drive this car manually or you can simply control it yourself to give your kid a fun ride to enjoy.

 When making the purchase, make sure you look out for specific things. Make sure it has the safety features such as a seat belt so that any risks can be minimized. You also have to see that it is age appropriate and suitable in size for your kid.  

 Surprise your little baby with a Bentley Toy Car

Time spent with these kind of toys can improve the health of your kid as he/she will be enjoying their sweet ride in the outdoor environment. It even improves their coordination and get them up and moving while building necessary life skills in your kid.

These cars are basically the licensed smaller version of their bigger ones. This will allow your kid to play outdoor in style and luxury while cruising around the neighborhood just like their parents. So, if you are looking to buy, contact us and surprise your kid with a key to his or her very own Bentley toy car!

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