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Bentley Power Wheels— A Guide To Top Models

As all of us know, there are various bikes out there made for kids who love the thrill of riding cars. These are miniature cars for kids that are suitable for their age and are safe. However, purchasing a good one at affordable prices is a challenging task.

This is why we at Belmonte bikes have a small range of children's toy cars known as Bentley Power Wheels. They are safe and are sold at affordable and varying prices. Our range contains three different models of Bentley power wheels. So let's start exploring them one by one.

1. Bentley 12V Kids Bentley EXP 12 Ride On Car with Remote Control, 2 Speed, Foot Pedal, AUX, Headlights

Having its specialized features, the Bentley 12V kids is a fun and safe option for kids. Children can drive this car by themselves as it has an in-car steering wheel. To ensure the safety of the kids, this car also comes with a remote in case the parents want to control its movements. Bentley power wheels are for children who are between 18 months and seven years of age.

Below are the features that will make this mini toy car a child's favorite in a flash:


1. Design 

The design of this car is similar to a real car. With LED headlights, horns, foot pedal accelerator, and two-speed switches, this car gives a kid a realistic car driving experience.

2. Special Remote Control 

For kids who are too young to drive independently, this toy car comes with remote control. This way, the parents can easily control and monitor the car's speed to ensure their kid's safety.

3. Listen to your songs

This feature is one of the most attractive features of Bentley power wheels. One can easily connect media devices through the AUX outlet, and kids can drive while listening to their favorite songs.

4. Dimensions

The dimensions of this miniature car are 42(L)x22.75(W)x17.5(H). Thus, your child can sit comfortably in it and drive well with the least supervision.

2. Bentley Continental GT 12V RC Toy Car GTC with Electric Power Wheels – White

The Bentley Continental GT 12V Electric power wheels are suitable for kids aged 2 to 4. It comes with a 12V battery system and a floor mat. 


1. Design

The Bentley continental has a pretend seat belt, front and rear headlights along with an electric brake. In addition to that, it is also available in various colors for your kid to choose from.

2. Speed

It comes with an uber speed of 3.5 MPH and has the reverse option backward. 

3. Wireless Remote Control

For the safety of your child, this Bentley power wheel comes with remote control if your child is too young to handle the steering himself.

Hence, this miniature toy car is exceptionally safe as parents can easily look out for their kids by controlling the car's movements.

4. Sound System

The Bentley continental comes with a system that enables it to produce sounds similar to a real car. 

It makes a sound when you start the ignition and push the brakes. Also, it has horns and makes the click sounds too when you put on the seatbelt.

Thus, everything in this car gives off fun vibes for your kid to enjoy a good day out driving outside.

Bentley- Style Ride on Car w Remote Control, 12v Battery (Licensed) — White 

For children aged 2 to 7, the Bentley Style Ride on Car (Licensed) has an awesome grill and badges. It looks just like a luxury SUV and has eco-friendly tires, which make it safe for kids.


1. Can be easily assembled

This luxury miniature SUV comes with a manual, which makes it easy for people to assemble it. You need a screwdriver, and you are good to go.

2. Design

The licensed Bentley style ride car has a cool dashboard and LED lights on the front and the back. Plus, it has all the other features that the other two Bentley power wheels have, like a seat belt, horns, engines, etc.

3. Two-speed levels

The feature of switching to two levels of speed gives a kid the option to try them out in safe ways. The parents can always start slow for the kids, and once the kids get the hang of it, they can increase the speed.

Now that you know about the three models of Bentley power wheels do not hesitate to buy them from Belmonte Bikes at reasonable prices. The exceptional features are going to offer you an adventure for life!

So go on to our site and explore this source of fun for your kids now!

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