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When shopping for motor scooters, mopeds or motorcycles, Belmonte Bikes has everything that one could ask for. Even though they have some of the best prices around, especially since they have free shipping, their products are well built and made to last. They have a liberal 6-month return policy and the customer service is second to none. They are friendly and knowledgeable on all their products but they pride themselves on their customer’s satisfaction, they will not stop until each customer is fully satisfied with their purchase.

Low Prices, High Quality

A Cheap 150cc Motorcycle in price does not mean cheap in quality or workmanship. Belmonte Bikes has great looking and performing bikes for a lot less than many other of their competitors especially with free shipping on all orders. Even the pre-order selections are with free shipping, now there are not many other dealers with free shipping. A cheap 150cc motorcycle at some other dealers is just that cheap, poorly made, poor customer service, just plain cheap. However, Belmonte Bikes does not believe in cheap except in their prices!

Some of the Best and All Street Legal

They have 3 best of a cheap 150cc motorcycle, one is 2018 Roma-150 which is fully automatic and looks great, then there is the 150cc Dongfang STC Moped Scooter which is totally street legal and last but certainly never the least is the 2018 Super Ninja Pocket bike, all of which is street legal and priced to fit all budgets best of all, they are not only shipped free but arrive ready to ride.

Shopping the Website

Their website is very easy to navigate and easy to read. They have a newsletter that you can opt to receive and easy ways to get in touch with the staff for any and all concerns, comments or anything else that may come to mind. You can even give a review of your experience with their staff, products or customer service as well as read others reviews of their experiences. You can shop by category, price, bike type, size, etc…

They even are listed with all the major social media sites as well. They even have pictures of all their products and even of customers on their bikes having a great time also, of how their products look out in general communities. They have several great ways of staying in touch such as live chat which is 24 hours, email, messengers through several social media sites, toll-free phone number, physical address, there really is absolutely no way that you would not be able to reach someone to help you, if needed for any reason.

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