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What Are The Automobile Rules For Pocket Bikes In Canada? Are They Legal?

Innovation and development have surpassed all boundaries. Attractive and new automobile options have empowered the automobile industry for good. And if we talk about places like Canada, then these new-age motorized conveyance options are surely the showstoppers of the whole transportation landscape. One of the most popular vehicles among them is the Canadian Pocket bike. They are the new-age motorized vehicles that are supremely popular among the youth. 

Some use them as a toy, while the others see them as a recreational vehicle. These motorized bikes are popular among all age groups and possess a top speed of 8km/hr. While they can be considered a toy for the younger ones, old age people see these Canadian pocket bikes as an affordable means of transport. 

But do the basic traffic rules and regulations also apply to these types of vehicles? Well, everyone expects that they are being handled by an experienced operator, but still, they can prove to be a threat to the community anyway. So should these vehicles be included in the usual bracket of all the other vehicles? Or should there be strict rules for helmets, parent consent, and age limit? Let’s discuss these in detail. 

Top safety concerns regarding pocket bikes 

These miniature bikes were introduced in the form of competition vehicles for all certain types of competitions. But as soon as they got into the market, they became as popular as crypto. Everybody wanted to own a personal pocket bike. 

They were being viewed as a riding toy among the young class of children. But they violated almost all the rules and regulations set by the government like:

  • They were not suitable for the roads as they weren’t following the rules and safety bottom line set by the Canadian Transport Department. 
  • They were lacking the basic parts that were needed to protect the driver from fatality. 
  • The motorists’ vision was not that clear as the Canadian pocket bikes were very low. 

These facts are very critical for the pedestrian safety regulations and the police department should come up with strong rules to restrict these pocket bikes from public sidewalks and pedestrian roadways. 

Strong regulations should be there to categorize and restrict the use of motorized scooters on roads. It is recommended that vehicles that have a motor output of more than 100 watts should be strictly restricted from normal roads and should only be allowed for off-roading.  

Only those Canadian pocket bikes which have a top speed of 70km/h should be allowed with restricted speed limits. 

Another important law should be made against children below the age of 16. These children are too young to handle any vehicle on the usual pedestrian roads so they should be restricted from it. This law should also restrict adolescents from riding off-road vehicles on public pathways. 

Legal requirements you must fulfill to ride a Canadian pocket bike

The basic safety age limit and legal rules to allow riders in these Canadian pocket bikes vary from place to place. Let’s discuss them a little:

  • The minimum age to ride a Limited speed vehicle or motorcycle on the road is 14 years in Quebec. 
  • To be a certified licensed driver, a driver needs to separately qualify 2 tests i.e, a vision test and a road rules test. 
  • A parent consent letter is mandatory.
  • Access to highways is very limited for these riders. 
  • Helmets are mandatory for maintaining zero BAC. 
  • A motorcycle license is mandatory even for riding a scooter in Alberta. 
  • Riders need to have a motorcycle license to drive a Limited speed motorcycle. 
  • In British Columbia, restrictions are being put on scooters based on their power. For example, if you have a driver’s license with you then also you cannot ride a scooter that is more than 50cc. 

Essential recommendations from the safety council of Canada

  • Education: Safety drills, awareness campaigns for the public should be organized regularly that might promote safety in the country and also teach safe riding practices mainly for these Canadian pocket bikes.
  • Helmets: Helmets should become mandatory for all classes of two-wheeler vehicles regardless of their power or location. 
  • Licensing: There should be a centralized permit for all classes of two-wheelers like scooters, motorcycles, etc. This permit should be legal on all roads including highways. 
  • Age restrictions: Riding a scooter or motorcycle is not always about acceleration and braking. A rider should be mature enough to handle the pressure situations that usually occur on roads. That’s why no one below the age of 14 years should be licensed without a parent's consent. 

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