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Automatic Motorcycles: Everything You Should Know About Automatic 125cc Motorcycles Before Buying Them!

The landscape for all engines is constantly changing, and a distinct shift begins in the motorcycle sector, such as transmissions and electric motors.

Good luck finding a new vehicle with a manual transmission; they barely exist. This tradition has lasted long enough that many new drivers have never used a clutch. Take that same lack of exposure and apply

  • Suitable For Beginners

it to the world of motorbikes, and the difficulties that novice riders face become quite evident. The thought of a clutch and manual shifting is slowly becoming alien. It is, of course, learnable, but it does present a barrier to riding.

At around the same time, manual gearboxes began to diminish; companies around the globe started to enhance the availability of electric-powered automobiles. As more electric-powered motorcycles visit dealer showrooms worldwide, this change is becoming a reality in the motorcycle industry.

Your automatic motorcycle comprises several critical components, each of which helps keep it functioning on the road. The transmission is an essential component, and let's start with the basics before delving into what a transmission is and how it operates.

A transmission serves two primary functions in any motorcycle:

  • When the vehicle stops, the engine can spin independently of the wheels.
  • It keeps the engine speed in the appropriate range for the vehicle speed.

Most motorcycle transmissions are handled by a foot lever and a hand clutch. There are several types of automatic gearboxes available for bikes.

The functions of an automated motorbike transmission are the same as those of a manual transmission. It lets the vehicle come to a complete stop without forcing the rider to change through a variety of gear ratios for different speeds.

Automatic 125cc Motorcycles
What Are The Factors To Consider When Selecting Your Future Bike's Transmission?

A few of the factors that may impact the choice to purchase an automatic motorcycle transmission are listed below:

  • Fuel Economy and Consumption

Many experiments were conducted to compare automated and manual gearboxes. The results showed that manual gearboxes always had a minor (sometimes significant) advantage over automatic gearboxes. Fuel consumption figures are often lower by 10%, indicating that manual transmission is more efficient. But this isn't always the case. If you are a novice driver, you may over-rev your engine and change at inopportune moments, so fuel efficiency with automatic may be even better, and you will not be stressing your motorbike as much.

  • In Terms of Acceleration

In this category, manual transmission often outperforms automatic transmission. It happens because manual gearboxes are lighter, have more speeds to pick from (gear ratios), and lack a torque converter, which "devours" a portion of the overall torque. However, this isn't always the case. In acceleration, new high-tech gearboxes outperform any manual transmission on the same bike. These automatic transmissions have progressed so humans can no longer compete with artificial intelligence. It is especially true with double-clutch automatic gearboxes. When your gearbox shifts, you are immediately at the following speed - no time is spent moving back and forth, to neutral, and then to the next rate.

  • Highly-priced And Expensive

Because of additional sophisticated pieces such as the torque converter or the planetary gearset, automatic transmissions may seem more expensive. As a result, expect the bike with the automatic gearbox to cost more than the same bike with manual transmission.

  • Extensive Reliability

It's another significant consideration, and the manual transmission is typically superior. It is because automatic transmissions have many more components and other complicated mechanisms that might fail. A manual transmission is significantly easier to use. Towing or driving on snow (not entirely relevant to motorcycles) may burn your gearbox if you are not utilizing it correctly in such situations. Furthermore, the automatic is significantly more "picky" than the manual, requiring only high-quality lubricants.

It is pretty tricky to choose between a manual and automatic transmission. It's like comparing a bow with a crossbow; both have advantages and disadvantages.

Why Should You Buy A 125cc Motorcycle?

Searching for one may be incredibly daunting when there are so many bikes to select. Because they are inexpensive and straightforward to ride, street motorcycles with engines up to 125cc are immensely popular. A small-engine street bike is an excellent method for new riders to become acquainted with motorbikes. However, just because the 125cc street motorcycles have smaller engines does not imply they are not enjoyable to ride. Here are five reasons why a 125cc street bike is essential.

Unlike larger motorcycles purchased for recreational riding, these 125ccs are commonly used as people's primary mode of transportation. They are more likely to be ridden all year on wet and salty roads and spend more time outside.  

Top 5 Reasons to Opt For The 125cc Motorcycle

Here are the top five reasons to buy a 125cc Motorcycle: 

  • Suitable For Beginners

A 125cc street bike is ideal if you recently obtained your motorcycle license or want to learn to ride a motorbike. A 125cc street bike is suitable for learning and perfecting handling and engine control abilities because of its modest engine size. Many motorcyclists make the mistake of purchasing an overpowering motorbike and then finding themselves unable to utilize it because they lack control. Once you've gotten the hang of riding a 125cc bike, you may go to a much larger machine. 

  • Better Option For Commuting

A 125cc bike is ideal for commuting on the street. These bikes are compact and feature upright riding, making them more pleasant to ride than other motorbikes. Because they are close, they are much simpler to maneuver through traffic. These bikes have excellent MPG, making them great for commuting because they will save you money in the long run.

  • Flooded With Multiple Options

One advantage of 125cc bikes is that there are so many to select from. These bikes have a small engine doesn't mean you can't ride the motorbike-style you like. Whether you choose a sports bike, a naked bike, or a custom bike, there is a wide choice of 125cc motorbikes for sale on the market. 

  • Better Fuel Economy

Even if you are not a novice rider, the fuel economy of a 125cc motorcycle is appealing to many riders. On the highway, these motorcycles may go up to 70-100 miles per gallon. With gas costs rising, these bikes are a great way to save money.

  • Smaller Engine With Great Handling

 A 125cc city bike may not have much horsepower, but with a clutch and gearbox, you have greater control over what you have. You have considerably more control over your bike, allowing you to move out of someone's way faster or merge into traffic more confidently than you would with a much stronger bike. A 125cc motorcycle has greater power than a scooter of the same size, which helps avoid crashes.


A 125cc street bike is suitable for a beginner or experienced rider looking for a fun small capacity bike.They are perfect for commuting and will save money because of their excellent Mph. We have discussed the aspects that may impact your decision to purchase a 125cc street legal motorcycle for sale. Belmonte Bikes offers its customers a large selection of 125cc motorcycles for sale, which they can easily buy from our site. Check out our website and find and get your 125cc street automatic motorcycle now!

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