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ATV Vs UTV - Which Bike To Buy?

What is an ATV Bike 

ATV or all-terrain vehicles are miniature-sized speedsters that are famous for their lightweight framework and easy handling. They are majorly manufactured for teens and the younger generation as most models aren’t street legal and recommend guardian supervision. As the name suggests, an ATV can be ridden on all off-road terrains, such as unsurfaced roads, pavements, hilly mountains, mud, and so on. 

Being a less bulky transportation option, kids’ electric ATVs are popular among kids and are an ideal gift for six to ten years of age. Generally, the design of a regular ATV allows you to maneuver the acceleration and brake via handlebars that are positioned at the right place from the rider’s seat. Next, the seat requires your kid to straddle around it so he or she can make optimal balance at all times. Along with the standard steering control features, it is convenient to say that ATVs are par excellence. 

The next point arises why ATVs are so popular among the youth, or what all it offers to you. If you go into detail, there are a plethora of advantages that you get by riding an ATV, below listed are a handful of them - 

  • A great source to instill thrill and have a ball
  • You can break a sweat without hitting the gym 
  • It brings you closer to nature and lets you explore the surroundings
  • Finally, it serves as a stress reliever by helping you to blow the steam that has built up due to your hectic schedule.

What is a UTV Bike 

A UTV or utility terrain vehicle is just like an ATV, however, it stands apart due to the additional features it offers and the framework design. These vehicles are specially manufactured to be used in the loading and transportation of lightweight goods and products. Apart from the basic recreation that ATVs offer, a UTV provides storage space and is programmed for chores rather than having fun. 

UTVs are mainly designed to be ridden in tough conditions that are a challenge to its structure and because of it’s low center of gravity, these miniature cargo-lifters prove to be efficient in terms of balancing, and steady control. Being such a help, a utility task or a utility-terrain, or a side-by-side vehicle, is known by distinct names, thanks to its various advantages. 

The primary use of a UTV is its ability to carry multiple people on it, rather than just allowing the rider or pillion to hop on. In addition, here is a list of other pros of UTV to understand the significance of these vehicles in our lives - 

  • The open framework of the UTV will allow a better sight of the surroundings, thus better control
  • Provides a far more better loading capacity than other miniature vehicles
  • Strapped seats and other safety features are installed to keep the rider in the best condition on tougher roads
  • A multi-purpose vehicle that functions extensively well on farm lands as well as manufacturing units.

How are they different? 

Just like their names, ATVs and UTVs are different in what they offer- the former offers recreation and fun, while the latter is used to haul hefty instruments and equipment. Here are the top 2 distinct features that make ATV and UTV different - 

  • Size - An all-terrain vehicle is small in size, as compared to a UTV, thus it offers great handling and control in narrow spaces. As far as UTVs are concerned, these are bigger and stronger than ATVs and are optimal in carrying more load than the former. 
  • Price - Well there’s nothing wrong in saying that an ATV is cheaper than a UTV, however ATVs usually can be modified for better performance and safety features. A UTV is priced higher because of the premium design and structure it offers, and features like additional suspension, etc.

  • Which one is better? 

    If you think of purchasing a miniature vehicle and seem to be confused between an ATV and a UTV, research about each one’s special features and functionality. If you are buying the ATV for your kid, you can check for a plethora of models of ATVs to suit his/her needs. Lest, if you want to take up farming, a utility task vehicle is the perfect fit for the role. 

    Final thoughts 

    The final decision to buy the kind of vehicle should always meet your requirements and serve the purpose for which it is being purchased. ATVs are for general exercising, whereas the UTVs are task-specific vehicles. 


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