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Are Pocket Bikes Worth The Investment?

If you’ve ever owned any kind of sportbike or motorcycle, then you are probably familiar with the simple thrill of riding around on them. Likewise, the wind tickles your scalp and whips through your hair, and while the gentle roar from the motor fills your ears as you coast along-- bringing you a pure sensation of freedom. Although more compact, pocket bikes can give you the same great experience, and they are extremely fun to ride. However, if you’re looking to find out whether pocket bikes are worth your investment, hopefully, this article will help. 

The Background Behind the Pocket Bike--

Pocket bikes are relatively new to the United States, but in Europe, people have been riding them for sheer pleasure and racing them in sports for decades. From racing street bike models, mini chopper-looking models to dirt bikes and more, pocket bikes come in a variety of fashion, but it all started with one model, The Doodle Bug Scooter, which was established in 1946. The Doodle Bug was a 1.5hp scooter, and over a couple of years, 40,000 of these scooters were built. After the onset of this new form of transportation, however, commercial manufacturing of minibikes didn’t get underway again until the 1960's were when the demand for them kept rising. 

Pocket Bikes and Their Plethora of Options--

The options don’t end after choosing the basic models of pocket bikes; however, from horsepower to engine types, pocket bikes offer a multitude of options beyond the basics. Like motorcycles, pocket bikes are typically built with either aluminum or steel frames, making them very strong and durable. However, if you’re looking for something capable of traveling at exceptionally fast speeds, these bikes might come as a disappointment as they are not designed for high speeds. While bigger bikes may pump out speeds of up to 150hp, pocket bikes only deliver about 10hp. 

But, you might discover that the acceleration on them totally makes up for the lack of speed, because, some are capable of going from 0 to 50 in mere seconds. Their engines typically come in a wide range, one of the most popular being the 49cc pocket bike engine, while others can be 110cc, 125cc, and so on. Different kinds of pocket bikes also provide you with the choice of gas or electricity to run on. When trying to decide which one to choose, it’s best to weigh your options--the gas powered bikes have the capabilities of reaching faster speeds. While the bikes running off of electricity are usually cheaper, so it’s just based on which one you would prefer more, greater speeds, or reduced cost. 

Consider Where You Live--

Upon weighing out all the options for determining whether pocket bikes would be worth your investment, however, you may want to consider where you live first, because these bikes aren’t legal just everywhere. In fact, in many states and regions, pocket bikes are illegal to ride on public streets, roads and highways. So, this may play quite a big part in determining whether they are right for you or not.

So, Are They Worth It?

Obviously, the price on pocket bikes have an expansive range, and there’s a lot to consider when taking into account of the cost alone. For instance, when considering and comparing the cost of these bikes, think about the features the bike includes in determining if it’s worth it, just like you would with any investment. Is paying close to $200 for 49cc pocket bike engine and a limited speed capacity of 25mph too expensive? Or, what about up to $800 for a bike with a 48v 1,000 watt motor running off electricity? The features on the bike will probably be your main consideration when ultimately determining if these bikes are worth the investment or not.

However, another aspect to consider is who the investment is for. For example, if you’re buying a pocket bike for your kid to ride around your property on, then dropping 60 to $100 on a bike that goes less than 20mph might seem completely worth the buy. However, if you’re living in an area where pocket bikes are legal for the road, and you are looking to find one to drive down the highway on, trying to choose between a $300 vs a $400 bike offering the same features is a lot more complicated of an investment to consider. 

Ultimately, however, the final decision in determining whether pocket bikes are worth the investment or not is solely up to you. Once you weigh out the various options, then making the final decision whether to buy your brand new pocket bike should be a breeze. But, most importantly, just have fun!

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