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Are Electric Motorcycles legal in the USA?

With people becoming more concerned about the environment and with the prices of fuel spiraling out of control, there is no surprise why the popularity of electric motorcycles is increasing rapidly in the market. 

There used to be a time when electric motorcycles were an alien concept for everyone in the USA but now, there you can spot electric motorcycles every day, in every city of the USA. The price of gasoline is already too high and it is expected to increase rapidly in the near future 

therefore, switching to electric motorcycles can be considered a smart move. 

Electric motorcycles are not only silent and save money on gasoline but they are environment friendly as well. By switching to an electric motorcycle, you will be nullifying your carbon footprint and avoid becoming part of the population that is contributing towards ozone layer depletion. 

But the biggest question that people have in mind while buying an electric motorcycle is whether is legal in the USA or not. Let’s find out through this blog post.

What are Electric Motorcycles ?

For many people, who have never dealt with or seen electric-based Canad pocket bikes, the image that pops up in the mind when anyone talks about electric motorcycles is a futuristic-looking motorcycle that will be completely different from what a normal motorcycle look but that’s not true at all. 


An electric motorcycle is a plug-in electric vehicle that runs on the power of electricity rather than the fuel. There is no fuel-based engine in such motorcycles and instead of the engine, there are batteries that need to be charged for providing the required power. 

The electricity is stored in the rechargeable battery which powers up one or more motors, depending on the type of electric motorcycles or Canada pocket bikes that are electric-based. It is because of the absence of fuel-based engines that these bikes are completely silent and even your neighbor will not come to know that you are driving in the backyard.

Are Electric Motorcycles legal to ride where you live?

There are two categories of electric motorcycles and the legality depends on which type of electric motorcycle you have bought.

If you have gone for Ninja motorcycle buy online from the pocket bike category then you cannot use it in many states of the USA but this limitation has been set for the highways, not for the nearby places where you live. You cannot take these electric pocket bikes on roads in many states but you can use them in your backyard, on specially made trails, and many other places. 

Such limitations have been made for Ninja motorcycle  buy online since the pocket bikes don’t have the necessary safety features for the road like horn, turn signals, mirrors, and much more. 

You need to check with your specific state laws to know whether electric pocket bikes are legal in your state or not. 

Now comes the standard size electric bikes which are gaining popularity in the market because of their affordability, less noise, and reduced impact on the environment. And the good news for you is they are completely street legal in every corner of the USA.

Can adults ride Electric Motorcycles?

For many people, understanding the rules and regulations regarding the use of electric motorcycles can be hard to fathom but that is only because they haven’t scoured the internet for such information since it is available in abundance. 

The one question that always pops up in the mind of people when they go to buy an electric bike instead of 110cc mini bike is whether adults can ride an electric motorcycle or not. Well, there are specially designed electric pocket bikes for adults as well and they can be driven by adults if pocket bikes are legal to be driven on the streets in your state. 

Also, the full-sized electric motorcycles are just like 110cc mini bike and therefore, they can be drove on the streets by adults without any questions.

Do you need a license to drive an Electric Motorcycle?

Yes, the license is necessary for driving an electric motorcycle and there are a couple of things that you should know about the license required to drive an electric motorcycle.

  • If you belong to the 19+ age category then you need an A2 Motorcycle License for riding standard-sized bikes or electric pocket bikes for sale (if it is legal in your state).
  • After driving the electric motorcycle for more than 2 years with the A2 license, you can go for another practical test and grab an unrestricted A Motorcycle license.
  • At the age of 24, you will be allowed to ride a motorcycle of any size or power. 

If you are going to buy an electric pocket for sale or a full-sized electric bike then you must be aware of its legality as it will help in making your ride seamless and if you are looking for the best quality motorbikes then you should choose Belmonte Bikes as we are the most popular and trusted electric motorcycle dealers and distributors. 



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