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Are Electric ATVs Just as Powerful and Fun?

Are Electric ATVs Just as Powerful and Fun?

When it comes to adventure, off-roading, fun, and a lot of thrill on a ride, the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind is obviously the very popular ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle). From its first launch in 1961 till now, ATVs have come a long way and have become one of the most loved off-roading rides among adults. The ATV segment has become so popular that now, manufacturers are offering a separate ATV category for kids as well. 


The resilience and the design of an ATV allow you to explore more terrains than a normal motorcycle and it even offers a completely new riding experience, especially if you have never ridden an ATV before. ATV gives you the required respite from the daily routine and helps you to come closer to nature. 


The good news is, now ATVs are not only petrol based as manufacturers have launched multiple categories of electric ATVs as well. The sky-rocketing price of fuel, the degrading environmental condition, and the increasing awareness among people are pushing the masses towards electric rides like electric ATVs. 


But the big question here is are electric ATVs are fun to ride and whether are they a good option if you are planning for off-roading.


Petrol vs. Electric: 4 Wheeler ATV Differences


Before trying to fathom whether you can have fun and adventure on electric ATV bikes just like petrol ATV bikes or not, it is necessary to know about the main differences between a petrol ATV and an electric ATV. This will give you a clear picture of both types of ATVs and you will make more informed decisions. 


Petrol ATV Bikes 


All the traditional ATVs are petrol powered and they run only till the fuel lasts. There are many people who still love petrol ATV bikes although, the market is now inundated with electric ATVs that offer similar power, speed, and reliability. One of the main reasons why people are still inclined towards petrol ATVs is they are easy to fill and you can easily find a gas station after 4-5 kilometers. 


In addition to this, you don’t have to wait for them to charge and you won’t have to remember to charge petrol ATVs as you can just hop on them and take your ATV for a ride. The engines of petrol ATVs are also quite powerful and they have a louder purr, especially when you increase the throttle. Some people find this sound a symbol of adventure and it gives them ultimate satisfaction. 


Electric ATV bike


Even if you are a die-hard fan of petrol-powered ATVs, you should consider electric ATVs once in your life. The epiphany- how good electric ATVs are, takes just a single ride. Electric ATVs or electric 4 wheeler  is an eco-friendly vehicle and it is also effortless to keep up. Even smaller riders can easily drive electric ATVs and they are less noisy in comparison to petrol ATVs. 


Instead of pouring fuel into the tank, you need to charge the batteries of the electric ATVs and a fully charged battery can easily last for 70 miles. Also, since there is no engine in electric ATVs, they don’t produce any kind of fume and are more friendly to the environment.


You just have to plug them in the socket, wait for a full charge, and your electric ATV will be ready for a long, serene, and adventurous ride. If you don’t wish to annoy your neighbors, electric ATVs are what you need. 


The Advantages of an Electric 4-Wheeler ATV




You will be surprised to know that only road transport is responsible for more than 16% of the carbon emission and the addition of more vehicles on the road is taking a toll on the environment. Since petrol vehicles, even petrol ATVs are still being sold on a large scale, we need to step up to the plate and switch to greener options like electric ATVs. 


Electric ATVs have zero carbon footprint since it completely runs on batteries. Doesn’t matter which model or size of electric 4 wheeler you buy, it is not going to contribute towards the degradation of the environment, regardless of the distance of cover on it. 


More Compact and Fun


Gone are those days when people were more inclined towards heavy and big ATVs as they are not only difficult to carry but they are not so smooth when it comes to off-roading as well. And if you are a fan of a more sleek and compact design, you should stick with electric ATVs only. Since many parts of the petrol-powered ATVs are not required in electric 4 wheeler, it automatically becomes more compact. Also, you don’t have to compromise on the fun part since electric ATVs are quite powerful and they can give the required adrenaline rush you are looking for while off-roading. 


A Better Option For New Riders


If you are new to ATVs, jumping directly on petrol ATVs can prove to be dangerous. Petrol ATVs are much more difficult to master and since they are more powerful than electric ATVs, the risk of accidents increases. Just like bike experts suggest going for electric bikes first before hopping on a 150cc Ninja bike, similarly, you should buy an electric ATV first to hone your driving skills. 


Electric ATVs are easier to handle and you don’t always have to deal with the risk of unleashing the true power of these ATVs since both their power and speeds are confined, especially in comparison to petrol ATVs. 


Lower Maintenance


Is the maintenance of a petrol ATV has been stopping you from adding this perfect off-roading vehicle to your garage? Well, you don't need to worry about maintenance anymore since electric ATVs are here to save your day. Since there are less complicated parts in an electric ATV, it becomes easier to maintain and you don’t always have to take it to your nearest garage for repair and servicing. 


When you are using a vehicle for off-roading, it requires more maintenance in comparison to the vehicle that you only use for commuting or highways. But that is not the case with electric ATVs. These ATVs are easier to clean and maintain and that’s why people love them. 


More Efficient


An electric ATV is always going to be more efficient in comparison to a petrol ATV since the cost of riding an electric ATV is less than what you pay in the case of petrol ATVs. Doesn’t matter by what margin the price of fuel increases, you won’t have to worry about it since your ATV will be running on batteries. 


Also, you save money on maintenance and you have to deal with less complicated parts in comparison to its petrol counterpart. You also get adjustable speed settings, and an electric start and these bikes are a perfect choice for kids as well. 


Is It Possible to Get a Powerful Electric Quad Bike?


If you have doubts regarding the power of electric ATVs since you think that electric quad bikes are not that powerful to be used on off-roads, you are living in a world of misconception. The ATV manufacturers know the purpose of ATVs and there is no point in manufacturing an ATV that doesn’t have the power to make your ride adventurous and thrilling. 


You can easily buy 1500w electric quad bikes from the market or from online websites. These are 48V brushless electric power bikes that will fulfill all your expectations. Doesn’t matter whether you are going to use the ATV in jungles or dirt tracks, you will not feel like compromising on power by switching to electric quad bikes and that’s what makes them an ultimate choice for even power-hungry ATV riders. 


Where Can I Get the Best Electric ATVs?


If you feel like just futzing around on the internet searching for electric ATVs since you aren’t able to find the right color, features, and price tag, you need to buy electric ATVs from Belmonte Bikes. We are the most popular, reliable, and biggest automobile dealers and distributors and we have the biggest collection of electric ATVs on the internet. 


Doesn’t matter whether you are buying electric ATVs for your kids or for yourself, we encompass all, and that too at budget-friendly prices. We even offer interest free payments in installments, discounted prices, special warranty, and helmet packages.  Just check our electric ATV category once and you will fall in love with our offerings. 


Electric ATVs are the future of quad bikes, especially because of the increasing fuel price, increasing awareness regarding carbon footprint, and much more. Soon, electric quad bikes will come near or surpass the sales of petrol quad bikes and you wouldn’t like to be left alone with a petrol ATV.


Doesn’t matter whether you want an off-roading ride for your kid or yourself, you can buy an electric ATV and have a lot of fun without too much maintenance and care. Belmonte Bikes is now offering a wide range of electric quad bikes are discounted prices and free residential home delivery.

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