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Amazing Features Of 250cc Mini Chopper

You will love to own our super stylish 250cc Mini Chopper with amazing features. That would give the feel thrill while riding. Riding chopper motorcycles not only thrills you but also enhances your personality and status. Chopper motorcycles has always been successful in resisting its domination amongst other various motorcycle designs and style. Wide freeway roads, friends and howling sound of winds and chopper, that’s what everyone dreams for. And here, we at Belmonte Bikes believes in making your dream come true with our beautiful chopper motorcycles with stunning features.

Chopper motorcycles are most loved by bikers who want their ride smooth and remembering. When it comes to features, you get the utmost convenience whether its seating or turn signal lights. Once you own this amazing motorcycle with full-packaged features, you would definitely feel obliged and special. Also, it can be the perfect present to gift your loved ones.

Here are some amazing features of 250cc mini chopper.

1. Skeleton naked look
The chopper has got the super awesome sleek look, more like skeleton. When it comes to comfy yet compact, this 250cc mini chopper defines it at its best. Nothing would match the amazing look of our mini chopper. Every edge of the chopper has been considered intensively to give it a perfect look. Right from tyres to the stand, every part has got the outstanding material to ensure the utmost longevity.

2. Sleek Rear View Mirrors
The chopper has extremely convenient and sleek rear view mirrors that allow you to see rearward through the vehicle’s rear window. This is not only an added safety but also . our street-legal chopper has got the mirrors from quality material and is an example of selective design. Safety is uppermost and these rear view mirrors are the perfect accessory to ensure the same.

3. Front Headlights with High Beams
This super awesome 250cc mini chopper has got the front headlights with high beams so that you can clearly see-through ahead the road and have a safe ride. These headlights are full proof for its longevity and high beam light. High beam headlights are an important part of a chopper specially when you ride in rural areas. The unfamiliar road or poor visibilities can only be accommodated with these high beam headlights.

4. Electric Start
The absolutely convenient! electric start allows you to just press a small button to start your bike and give you a stress-free day whenever you have to stop and start. The best part about electric start is you don't have to wait longer in traffic. Not only time saving, it gives a cool look to your bike. Also, if you are speed lover, then this mini chopper is a gift for you. Many bikers have stated that bikes with electric starts are more convenient than that of bikes with manual start. so, never miss the chance of having a super awesome and convenient bike.

5. Leather padded seating
A comfortable seating is the most important thing in any type of vehicle and that’s what we consider when we designed our extremely comfy 250cc Mini Chopper. Our chopper with leather seating will give you the luxury of comfort and easiness. Not only that, this would also go with the design of the chopper. Plus, this is extremely durable so you don’t have to beg for another seating any time soon.

6. Safety Steering Wheel Lock
The redundant steering wheel lock not only ensures safety but also they are anti-theft. Our chopper with steering wheel lock will keep those would-be crooks away as it is designed with high effective technology. In addition, the rugged construction and expandability, these are features that makes it sturdy and durable.

7. Turn Signal Lights
With unique styling, the turn signal lights absolutely convenient for you. This lighting becomes compulsory for the places where neither the front nor the rear indicators are visible. They are more conveniently and perfectly placed.especially, whenever you get to drive on nights, you would experience that these lights are saviour and makes your path easy-to-navigate.

8. Instrument Panel
Instrument panel are conveniently placed on the front of the chopper that are easy to read. With digital reading display including speedometer allows you to see the updated during riding. This also include clocks and compasses to navigate the speed with accurate updating and reading while you are riding the chopper.

To sum it up, order now this comfy 250cc Mini Chopper with unique and modern styling that will upgrade your personality. To get it on a best pricing, contact us now

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Waiting for delivery of my 250cc Mini chopper that I pre-ordered in June of 2020. Any news about when delivery might happen?

    Raymond James Bullard

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