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For riding enthusiast, their motorcycle is not just a machine but an emotion. Motorcycle riding is therapy to their restless mind and soul. The craze is magnified when the rider is given the opportunity to either make a bike from scratch, considering they have the technical capabilities or when they purchase custom motorcycles, i.e. choppers. Distinguished by their remarkably stretched outlook, you can not deny when a chopper hits the road, everybody stares in admiration. Its characteristic features like frames without suspension, extended forks, larger front wheels have made choppers a style statement and owning it is a goal of almost every motorcycle fervent.

Considering choppers are an expensive investment, mostly ride prefer buying a used chopper, which despite being a second hand, will have no shortage of impressive features in it. All that is needed is an eye for detail.

If you are planning to purchase a used chopper, since it has been made per someone else's requirement, certain features might vary, but there are few aspects that you should always carefully look at before purchasing a used chopper. Aside from the regular checking that you do with any bike, some additional examination is necessary for checking if the chopper is in a good state or not:

Since choppers are custom made, every rider will make changes per their wish, which is what you have to observe? Has the original frame been altered or is it the same? The parts which the previous owner could have customized are either the front or the rear.

Check thoroughly for the modification, if any, made on the rear, signs of which can be seen in the bolts or the area where two section joints. The finish should be neat and uniform. Watch out for any damaged part that has been painted over o cracks developing at the stress points.

Carefully check how the engine is mounted. Checked if it is not made to sit by forcefully placing nuts and bolts of the wrong size.

You will be able to establish any hidden flaw in the chopper by looking at the rear tire, which can tell if the chain is running without any problem or the wheel is misaligned or not.


Custom motorcycle or chopper as they more commonly referred to as is not an ordinary motorcycle. As the name suggests, these bikes are made per the riders requirement and desires. You will never find any two custom choppers the same, look, features, designs, all different. This means manufacturing these motorcycle consumes a lot of time and unless you have and it yourself, purchasing it would have cost you a fortune. Keeping into consideration, the hefty price you paid to buy these custom-made motorcycles, you must be very vigilant about its security and safety, making sure no minor scratch downgrades its beauty. But is your chopper safe from all kinds of damages?

An important aspect to keep into consideration is that you should always get your chopper covered under a custom motorcycle insurance. But you have to know that unlike standard automobile insurance, getting a custom motorcycle insurance is a complicated process. The complication gets even more profound depending upon the state in which you live.

Why getting chopper insurance is such a strenuous process?

Well, because first of all, not all insurance companies will provide you with this specific insurance coverage because choppers are custom made bikes made an individual, which complicates the registration process, and the motorcycle insurance is even more complicated.

Secondly, considering the high price of purchasing these choppers, the replacement cost will also be high, which make insurance companies hesitant from providing coverage to these motorcycles.

This is the reason why some insurance companies cleverly mention in their insurance that they are only going to pay for a specific type of damage was done to the driver or only collision coverage; It is your responsibility to find motorcycle insurance provider that provides full motorcycle insurance coverage

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