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A comprehensive guide to buying the best pocket bike for your kids

Are you planning to gift a pocket bike to your kid?

Pocket bikes are extremely popular all over the world, especially among the young kids who desire to ride a motorcycle like an adult but can't because of the law or their lack of skills. 

Depending upon the requirement and proficiency, you can choose from a wide range of pocket bikes at Belmonte. But before you plan to invest in one, you need to have a basic understanding of

  • how it works;
  • what are its different types;
  • where to get a good deal for pocket bikes and 
  • how to guide your kid to drive one.

  • Therefore, we have created a detailed guide for all those people who want to buy pocket bikes for their kids but don’t have any idea about this fantastic mode of fun and learning.

    What is a pocket bike?

    Pocket bikes are miniature motorcycles that are ridden by young kids but under the guidance of their parents. Most of the features of a standard-sized motorcycle have been included in the pocket bikes to give riders a realistic feeling of driving a standard-sized motorcycle. Pocket bikes came from the Doodle Bug scooters which were introduced in the market during 1946. During 1950, some riding enthusiasts developed the first go-karts by using different parts of a motorcycle and later on, during 1960, the first pocket bike was made.

    What are the different types of pocket bikes?

    There are two types of pocket bikes. One is a gas pocket bike, and another one is an electric pocket bike. Most of the people who go out for buying pocket bikes don’t have any idea about these two different types of pocket bikes, and that’s where choosing the best one becomes tricky.

    Gas pocket bikes come with a regular engine which is powered by gas. They are powerful and more reliable than electric pocket bikes. While on the other side, the electric pocket bikes come with batteries which need to be charged in order to ride the bike. The electric pocket bikes are considered to be safe for small kids since they are easy to handle and are less powerful than gas pocket bikes. But the durability of these bikes is surely less than the gas pocket bikes.

    The gas pocket bike is also much faster than the electric pocket bike since the engine used in the gas pocket bike is much more powerful than the batteries which are used in electric pocket bikes. In addition to this, the gas pocket bikes are also much costly than electric bikes, and they need regular maintenance to function correctly.

    So, if you are going to buy a pocket bike for your young kid and want a little bit of more power with speed, then you should go with the gas pocket bike, and if you are buying it for a small kid, then you should go with the electric pocket bikes.

     Where to buy pocket bikes?

    It is not an easy feat to search for and find a durable, premium quality pocket bike at any store, which is why we would suggest you shop online from Belmonte Bikes.


    Because online manufacturers and sellers have a wider range of products in comparison to your local market, in terms of design, engine power, colours, brands etc. Along with this, buying pocket bikes from the online platform is much easier as you will be able to browse the whole range of pocket bikes and get it delivered to your doorstep just within a few clicks. Whether you are looking for a 250cc pocket bike or an electric pocket bike, the online platform has it all.

    In addition to this, pocket bikes on the online platform are much cheaper in comparison to your local market because online pocket bike sellers keep running discounts and offer on their products in order to tackle the growing competition. But this is no way mean, they compromise on quality. All Belmonte bikes are made from supreme quality sturdy material and guarantee amazing riding experience. 

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