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7 Desirable Features Of Our Super-Stylish 200cc Bolt Go Kart

200cc Bolt Go Kart is all what you can expect from a stylish Go Kart. Our two seater Go Kart will be your trustworthy companion to make you feel all alive and adventurous. So, whenever you decide to have a thrilling ride with your best buddies, Go Kart is the perfect ride to take along. The smartly-designed four-wheeler vehicle defines the utmost comfort level and you can feel it yourself. It is great for off-road fun & hunting and create happiest moments of your life to cherish lifelong. Considering safety on priority, the Go Kart has been designed with three-point safety seat belt harness that ensures complete safety and protection.

When you are in the market of vehicles, you probably want to have the best. If you are done with all your efforts and still not able to find the perfect Go Kart, then, we at Belmonte Bikes can be your end solution. Our 200cc Bolt Go Kart has been designed for the complete satisfaction of our each client. Each part of the Kart defines perfection and innovative design. Bring home, our beautiful yet comfy 200cc Bolt Go Kart.

Below stated some prominent features will definitely prompt you to buy this amazing Go Kart.

1. Dual Color
One of the major features, our smartly designed Go Kart comes in dual color-yellow and red. Both the colors are perfect and best-suited for the model. The red color surely compliments the vehicle and yellow denotes fun and cheerfulness. If you want to buy this super model, then, either of the colors will compliment your personality.

2. CVT Automatic Transmission (Forward + Neutral + Reverse)
Our 200cc Bolt Go Kart has been designed to navigate efficiently by ensuring CVT Automatic Transmission that allows forward, neutral and reverse gear option. Generally, CVT does not require clutch but many vehicle has centrifugal clutch included to operate the neutral gear that is comes in action during idling or manually reversing for parking. So, our technology driven Go Kart is the perfect to ensure the smooth operation throughout the journey. On the context of affordability, our model is the best choice.

3. Leather Seats
Apart from looking posche and luxurious, leather seats define comfort at its best. In addition, they are always non-allergenic and are easy to wash. You would love to own our super stylish Go Kart with leather seats that denotes status and standard. Also, with the pleasant smell, leathers are stainless so that you do not have to put much effort for cleaning. So, if you buy our Go Kart you actually owning the status that can be complimented by your friends and family.

4. Electric Start
Our professionally designed Go Kart is an electric vehicle that means it is loaded with lots of benefits such as low buying cost, low maintenance cost and ensures durability. It also has been stated that electric vehicles are highly-efficient which simply means you do not have to trouble while riding as Go Karts designed to provide hassle free ride. Also, with automated control, you get the benefit to easily navigate and operate the vehicle. Electric vehicles are environment-friendly and also noise-free substances that leave lesser noise.

5. Front & Rear Disc Brakes
200cc Go Kart is facilitated with front & rear disc brakes to easily navigate for a smooth drive always. With enormous benefits, you will enjoy the smooth and efficient drive. Front & Rear Disc enables you to drive with utmost safety level so that you could get the happiest experience every time you drive.

6. Chain Drive
What else can ensure the smooth drive than a chain drive. Choose our Go Kart with chain drive facility to make you drive experience smoother and light. With its simple appearance, it also comes with enormous benefits such as it does not need parallel shafts, got the jam protection, noise-free and environment-friendly requires less maintenance.

7. 200cc Air-Cooled 4-Stroke Engine
Our modern Go Kart has been designed with Air Cooled 4-Stroke Engine to absorb heat and exchange it with utmost cooling. This carries a closed circuit attached with liquid coolant in the engine block and cylinder head to absorb heat. So, at safety end, our Go Kart model provides safety at its best.

Each vehicle from Belmonte Bikes has undergone through professional treatment to ensure the best design as well as quality feateauture for a perfect and seamless navigation. If you want to buy this extremely vibrant and luxurious 200cc Bolt Go Kart, then, contact us now.

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