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6 Solid Reasons you should buy our Stylish 200cc Bolt Go kart

Go karting is great fun and interactive activity to enjoy with family and friends. With experience you can learn how to control your car and also learn great safety and releases. Go-karts are trending these days and the craze for these carts is at its boom.  This cool vehicle is here to stay for a long time. If you are looking forward to get in this cool and stylish squad, then do not wait and plan to buy a go kart for yourself.

There are plenty of options available in the market  you can choose from, but you cannot afford to miss the real beauty and charm that our 200cc Bolt Go-Kart is.

200 cc go kart  

The brand new super stylish 200cc Bolt Go Kart comes with a durable, reliable and powerful four stroke, air cooled engine, single cylinder, which makes it perfect for recreational use and is also fuel efficient.

This four -wheeler will keep you rock and roll, with its amazing features. Therefore, we are giving you some solid reasons why our cool 200cc Bolt go kart is the best deal for you.

  • 1. CVT Automatic Transmission

  • Rather than an automatic transmitter, the all new cool Bolt 200cc is fitted with a CVT Automatic transmission system . CVT gives better results  and is much more  smooth than an automatic one. Bolt 200 cc  has CVT with reverse gear which improves its overall performance and  improves the engine life. Also, you can easily switch the gears more smoothly. 

    2. A great four Stroke engine

    Our super cool Bolt 200cc comes with a strong four stroke engine and it is one of the coolest feature about it. Four stroke engines have a longer life span and use much less fuel contrary to the typical two stroke one. This mean less polluted environment and great riding experience. The best thing about four stroke engine is that it provide more torque at a low RPM.

    3. Comfortable and Adjustable Seating

    While driving one thing that matters a lot is comfortable seat. You can enjoy wonderful ride for long hours as the seats of this 200cc karts are designed to ensure your comfort. You can easily adjust the seats as well as fix them according to your comfort. The comfortable, beautiful and spacious dual seats of this go kart are padded to make your riding an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.  So, what are you waiting for, make this amazing dual color go kart yours !

    4. A Three-point secured safety system

    Each seat of this amazing Bolt cc Go kart is designed with a three point secured safety system. This ensures the overall safety of passenger and rider at all times. You must have noticed that automobiles generally comes only with a standard seat belt to protect and hold the rider in place but this is not the case with 200cc Bolt Go cart. A three point secured safety system provides more safety than the standard belt system. It also provides you better grip at times when you apply sudden brakes.

    5. Disc brakes for better control

    Disc brakes has their own advantages and the best of them is you can inspect easily. The rider does not have to remove wheels every time to look at the brake system. Disc brakes has better stopping and controlling power than typical drum brake. In disc brakes system components are connected with a small caliper whereas in a drum brake they are set in a metal drum.  This makes the process much smooth and enjoyable. This amazing functionality is applied in both rear and front brake system in Botl 200cc  kart.

    6. Strong wheels

    With too many cool features, this amazing model also comes with strong and big wheels (21’’/22’’)which are smartly built to run smoothly and be perfect for all types of grounds. You will definitely be blown away by its comfort riding and great performance. Not only this, this model also comes with an extra wheel for rare situations when you need to change the wheels.  The long lasting and bright head and tail lights of this wonderful model ensures clear visibility when you are riding in dark nights.

    So,  are you convinced with the above mentioned reasons? This wonderful model is exactly what you dream to ride and we at Belmonte Bikes will help to fulfill your dream. Go and get this classy 200cc Bolt Go Kart for yourself now, and a wonderful, smoother and enjoyable ride is guaranteed.But don't forget to  follow the traffic rules and  keep the adventurous ride safe for yourself and your loved ones. Happy riding!

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