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6 Amazing Maintenance Tips for Your Bike

If you enjoy riding your bike, you should strive to ensure it is in great shape at all times. Failure to take proper care of your bike will lead to mechanical breakdowns. Your bike will not give you the expected service. Using the following tips, you can prolong the lifespan of your bike.

  1. Keep it clean

Whether you are riding a mountain bike or your preference leans towards the street legal pocket bikes 110c, you should always ensure your bike is kept clean at all times. After a great ride in the mud, clean your bike with biodegradable materials.

Keeping it clean will make riding a beautiful experience for next time. After cleaning, you can add some little grease on the movable parts to make riding even better. For the cleaning, buy the following items:

  • A cleaning brush
  • A scrubber for the chain
  • Degreasing solvent
  • Lubricant for the chain
  • Sponges
  1. Check your brakes

Riding a bike with faulty brakes is hazardous for you and other road users. Apart from keeping the bike in mint condition, functional brakes also help you stay safe.

If you are not acquainted with the braking systems of your bike, talk to your mechanic to check them. If the brake pads are worn out; replace them before your next ride.

  1. Replace tires

If the tires of your bike are worn out, you are likely to skid and get injured. Check the thread of each tire. If it is worn out, replace it immediately. A good tire provides a firm grip between the tire and the road. With good tires, you can maneuver through mud and rough terrains flawlessly.

  1. Lubricant

For a perfect ride, apply an oil-based lubricant on the chain. As you do so, move the pedals in an anticlockwise direction to complete the greasing. The oil will make it easy for you to apply brakes when needed. A properly lubricated bike is more comfortable to ride without using too much pressure. It is also a way of maintaining the movable parts for the bike and reducing unnecessary friction between the parts.

  1. Repair punctures

A puncture is likely to occur as you ride. If one of the tires has a puncture, fix as soon as possible. Doing timely repairs whenever there is a leak will help protect your bike from further damage and also keep you safe. Do not get caught by surprise by a puncture.

Just remove the wheel and deflate the tire. Using the tire lever, pry the tire completely off. Check the tire for any sharp objects that may have penetrated through and remove them. Patch up the tire. You can check for more punctures by placing the tire in a basin of water. In case you notice any bubbles, patch up the punctures, and your tire is in functional condition. Prepare yourself with the following tools:

  • Hand pump
  • Tire levers
  • A new tire lube
  1. Replace the chain

Your bike’s chain is likely to wear out with time. Ensure you inspect the chain regularly and replace in case of damages. As it wears out, it affects the drivetrain as well. When you apply pressure on your bike, it is likely to slip. Riding such a bike will be challenging and dangerous for you. Failure to replace the chain promptly will affect other parts of the bike such as the drivetrain.

If you are not sure how to check for mechanical issues in your bike, engage a professional in checking it out for you. As they conduct the tests, ask questions that will help you next time. You do not have to take your bike to your mechanic every time it has a problem. Learn the basics. It is not always that a problem is detectable.

Having the skills to check out for any issues will keep you safe and give your bike a longer life span.

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