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5 Tips To Maintain Your Bike

Riding your turbo-speed motorcycle or sportbike fills you with joy, especially when you push onto the thrust to accelerate swiftly and relish the thrill afterward. There is always a pleasure riding a sportbike, you get the speed, wind moves along you and it entertains your mind. Further, it is quite easy to ride a bike, it can be parked around the road, can be refueled in a short span, and does not require you to allocate more garage space. 

An automatic clutch motorcycle is a great bike to ride, given that if you’re a beginner and are trying to learn the basics. For those who fear riding motorbikes in heavy traffic or highways, an automatic clutch motorcycle is most likely the best thing that you can equip and hone your biking skills in the initial days. One can find sportbikes for sale quite easily over the internet, and you can also compare prices from various sources, and obtain quality leads.

There are multiple factors associated with buying a motorbike- a credible model make, the physical size of the bike that the person can fit on, quality color theme, and whatnot! These choices are hard to make but are equally important whilst you lookup for sportbikes for sale. It is also necessary for the buyer to realize its specific needs for which they are buying the bike- will they be covering miles in traffic for the daily commute, or to solo ride to rove around the hills for fun. Based on the choices you make, you can identify a sports bike that perfectly suits you.

Once you purchase your bike, an important step is to know how to maintain it for a durable term. Since their engines are comparatively more exposed to dirt and terrain, they get unmasked to rust due to which the engine chain would cease the RPM or revolutions-per-minute. Regardless of what bike you own, maintenance should often be frequent to the bikes, especially the engine.

Below are a few tips that can help you prolong your motorbike’s health and keep it up and running -

  • Change Oil Regularly

  • Engine oil requires a change every few kilometers of the ride which you can get to know about from the owner’s manual of your bike. It is of utmost significance to ensure that your bike runs smoothly, so it is suggested to let your bike warm up itself before you take it for a spin. Make sure there are no oil leakages and filter out the adulterated/dirty oil from the engine to stop the excess consumption of oil. Clean the engine filter and put new engine oil to increase the engine’s life. 

  • Change Air Filters Regularly

  • Along with keeping your engine oil fresh and clean, you also have to look at the bike’s air filters. Most of the time, debris and dust get jammed on the filters and clog the way out, thus hampering the air filter’s condition. This step is quite difficult but once you know how to disassemble the engine parts, you can effortlessly replace and install a new air filter. Whenever it feels that your sports bike isn’t giving you enough thrust, consider changing the air filters.

  • Always Check Your Tire Pressure Before Riding

  • You wouldn’t want your bike’s tires to burst because of excess air or lose air due to a possible puncture. Before going out for a spin, locate the valve stem on the bike’s wheel and check for the required air pressure of both tires. You can check the appropriate air pressure number in the owner’s manual, or look over the side of the wheel. You can visit the gas station to check if the tires are ready to be replaced after a few years.

  • Check Batteries On The Trickle Charger

  • An inspection of the elements of the engine or tires is as important as the batteries of your motorbike. For a long ride, you should be sure that your bike’s batteries are charged, cleaned, and are in good shape. If you’re riding a bike after a very long time, check the battery health on the trickle charger and guarantee that there is no need to change the batteries. 

  • Keep The Chains Lubricated

  • The chains of a motorbike are the first thing that gets dirty as they constantly revolve while accelerating, and since they are not usually covered by any solid framework, they are exposed to dirt, mud, and debris, etc. Along with cleaning the chains, you should focus on lubricating them, use paraffin to take the dirt off the chains, and keep them clean. Rely on only good quality engine oil to lubricate them numerous times a week and brush them gently to acquire proper tension.

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