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5 Must-know Facts about Super Pocket Bikes

Those days are long gone when super pocket bikes were an alien vehicle for most of the riders as now these amazing bikes have become a new normal for most of the bike lovers. The market of pocket bikes has grown dramatically and now, the whole world is aware about these powerful super pocket bikes as they are easy to maintain, looks stylish and acts as an economical option for all those people who are looking for some fun and adventure.

Many people think that the super pocket bikes are only for kids but that’s not true as along with teenagers, adults are also very much interested in buying and riding pocket bikes as it as an ultimate fun and adventure machine. The market of pocket bikes has grown so much that now people have different option of these miniature bikes. Now, you have options of dirt bikes, ATV and mini bikes in the category of pocket bikes and each of these bikes have their own purpose, advantages and disadvantages. So, if you are not able to decide on which pocket bike to choose then you should look at your need and requirement. So, in this blog post, we will be looking at the 5 must known facts about super bikes which you should know before owning one because a well-informed decision has lesser chances of turning wrong.


If you were thinking that the concept of super pocket bikes is completely new then you are wrong as the concept of pocket bikes came from The Doodle Bug Scooter 1946. One of the first doodle bug scooters was having 1.5 HP and it was made by Beam manufacturing company. The basic motive behind the manufacturing of these scooters was to give tough competition to Cushman Scooters which was manufactured by Sears. During a period of 2 years which started from 1946 and ended in 1948, almost 40,000 of these scooters were manufactured. After that, during the late 1950s, someone built the first go cart by using the spare parts of motorcycle which were left unused in their garage. You should know that commercial production of pocket bikes started in 1960 and since then, it has been achieving new heights of success.


Although the looks and the size of these pocket bikes played a major role in its success, the media coverage made it more popular among kids and adults. There was a time when the pocket bikes were one of the hottest topics of debate. One of the most discussed things about these amazing pocket bikes is its street legality and you will be surprised to know that in most of the states, pocket bikes are not legal on the roads.

You should know that there are no set manufacturing guidelines for the manufacturing of pocket bikes and that's why they don’t have some basic things like turn lights, headlights, horn and all other things which are necessary for a vehicle in order to use it safely on the roads. Along with this, the insurance companies also don’t insure such vehicles because of the lack of these basic things which all other vehicles have.

If you ride your pocket bike on the road then it might cost you hundreds of dollars since in most of the states, using such miniature vehicle on the road is completely illegal. You can ask your DMV about the area where using pocket bikes are allowed.


It is true that using your super pocket bike on the road will always be questionable but you should also know that racing events are organized specially for these pocket bikes and these racing events are full of fun and adventure. Loud music, shining new pocket bikes, bumpy racing tracks, and houseful audience, these are some of the most common sites of these amazing pocket bike racing events. There is a huge prize money involved in these events and different events are organized for kids, teenagers and adults. If you don’t have any experience of these events then you can watch a video of it and it will surely give you goosebumps.


It is true that there are various pocket bike enthusiasts out there but only a handful of them are aware about the fact that most of the pocket bikes can be upgraded. Just like the upgradation of normal bikes, one can also easily upgrade their pocket bikes. Whether you are doing it for looks or performance, you can easily upgrade your mini bike with some basic knowledge about the parts and it will surely enhance the look of your pocket along with streamlining its performance. For example, you can easily upgrade the exhaust system of your pocket bike and notice the improvement in its performance. Depending on the 2 stroke or 4 stroke engine of your bike, you can choose the right exhaust system.

Super pocket bikes come in different variety and style and choosing the best one depends on your need and requirement. From ATVs to quad bikes, you have a wide range of options when it come pocket bikes. You should also choose the engine power accordingly, for example, if you are looking for average engine power then you can go for 40cc pocket bike.

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