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5 Essential Tips For New Dirt Bike Riders

Electric Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are actually fun to ride and easy to gain control of. They are these lightweight motorcycles that allow you to drive off-road and through rough terrain with extreme rocks and mud. These vehicles are pleasurable for the adrenaline rush they provide and are also famous for their fast speed and high jumps on rough surfaces. You can find dirt bikes for sale over the internet and quote prices with the sellers. As parents, electric dirt bikes are a great gift to their children as most kids cherish bike riding. Children most likely yearn to ride electric dirt bikes when they see other kids doing the same, and since every parent wants their children to stay safe while they’re out, it is a viable option to give them dirt bikes for kids that can be equipped with training wheels as well.

People who are learning the basics of riding can absolutely benefit from dirt bikes as you can access the complete control of the bike, accelerate slowly in the beginning to practice as much as you can and make an effort to train yourself for the road. There are always some essentials to bike riding and as a beginner, you must adhere to these tips that can help make your biking experience fun and safe at the same time. Though it is always recommended to not purchase a bike heavier than your own body-weight just so you can handle it with ease, but suppose an individual gets a heavy dirt bike, it should be ensured that he or she uses protective gear like a helmet, biking gloves, elbow and knee pads, etc. 

You may fall, get injured, and fail in the initial phase, but that’s how you learn- practice rides are an essential element to a successful drive afterward.

Here is a list of five vital tips for those who are new to dirt bike riding

  • Dirt bike clutches are different from car clutches

  • A motorcycle or dirt bike clutch usually varies from the clutch of a car as the former is a wet clutch, which is always covered in oil, transmitted from the engine. On the other hand, a car’s clutch remains dry as there are far more elements and space in a car’s framework, unlike the motorcycle. So if you’re familiar with driving a car, it is not always a surety that you’d easily ride a bike. Thus, it is essential to check for trials and learn from a bike instructor to operate your dirt bike easily and in a shorter span.

  • Good Quality Boots And Helmet Are Essential

  • Dirt bikes are meant for off-road surfaces, hilly areas, and damp regions where you can make the most of such machines. So it is of utmost significance that you purchase premium quality protective gear- helmets, elbow and knee pads, riding boots to prevent yourself from any unfortunate injury/accident. Speaking of riding boots, they are a great source of providing focus to your mind and feet, so you can synchronize and thrust the pedals when required. Further, once you start riding in off-road terrain, your feet will be exposed to rocks, debris, and dirt. Therefore, it is better to wear quality boots to keep your feet clean and safeguard them from ankle/foot injuries.

  • It is very different from riding a normal bike

  • The framework of street bikes is typically constructed from metal which makes them heavier than dirt bikes. The latter is made of plastic or light steel which is easy to handle. Further, the engine of a normal motorcycle has more transmission power and are specifically designed for plain roads. On the other hand, as the name suggests, a dirt bike is mostly for off-road terrains, hilly areas where it can use its suspension with more power.

  • Make loading and unloading easier by getting ramps

  • Due to their lightweight framework, dirt bikes are quite easy to load and unload with the help of small ramps. You can carry your bike up the ramp and load it on your truck if you’re visiting the hills for a day out. It is imperative that you take loading and unloading your two-wheeler seriously because the last thing you’d want to happen with your bike is seeing it fall off the ramp. Take help from someone whilst unloading your dirt bike off the ramp to maneuver a safe landing.

  • Always start on a dirt road

  • Since you’re learning the ‘how-to’ of dirt bikes, one should start riding on a dirt road, with mud and debris to get an idea and develop riding skills. Dirt roads help you experience great jumps off the ramps, mud-falls, and thrilling adventures for which dirt biking is famous.

  • Along with knowing the essentials of dirt biking, you must purchase a quality motorbike that gives you power and freedom while you’re on it. Belmonte Bikes are your one-stop-shop for dirt bikes, electric bikes, and whatnot! You can find premium dirt bikes for sale that are both electric and fueled, in various CC varieties to suit your preference. Contact us to browse through our best collection of bikes and purchase one today for yourself!

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