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5 Easy Motorcycle Maintenance Tips (Bonus Ninja Motorcycle Offering)

Every motorcycle demands a certain degree of maintenance that must be provided by the owner, and even though bike owners often boast about their passion for biking, but one can easily evaluate the extent of a biker's love by assessing the condition of their motorcycle. True riders never disregard their machines and demonstrate a high regard for the care of their motorcycles. It's important to realize that the relationship between a rider and his motorcycle is not a single-ended affair, rather it's a cherishable companionship that requires equal support from both the parties.

Similarly, like any human relationship that requires active efforts from both parties, a motorcycle also demands routine check-up and maintenance for a favourable relationship outcome. However, most riders suffer from lack of intention whereas others suffer from a severe lack of knowledge. Most riders believe that taking care of their motorcycle would mean that they will have dish out their savings on long bills from the auto shop mechanics.

However, we don't think one has to visit a mechanic until it's extremely necessary. Thus, we have prepared a list of 5 easy maintenance tips that let you take care of your motorcycle without any professional assistance.

Tire check-up

We can't stress enough about the importance of tire health for maintaining the overall robustness of your motorcycle. Tires with less air pressure can be directly associated with unfortunate road accidents and crashes. Thus, it's important to keep checking the air pressure every week, but that does not mean that a rider will have to visit an auto shop for doing so.

You can simply track the tire health by using a pressure gauge. Also, the tire pressure range can vary differently in different tires, thus it's important that you know the accurate pressure range required by your tire and maintain it for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Battery health

Similarly, like tires battery is also a crucial element of your motorcycle, and regular check-ups are required to avoid future discomforts. Especially if you ride at night, then you have to ensure that your battery works fine, else a discharged battery can have a direct impact on your headlight and horn, both of which are extremely important for riding during the dark.

Maintaining a battery is fairly easy, you just have carefully removed the battery from beneath the motorcycle seat and actively check the water levels. If the water levels are below the marked level, then you are required to fill the battery with de-ionized water. Also, ensure to remove the layer of moisture on both the battery terminals to effectively prevent corrosion.

Topping up the engine oil

The engine is the heart of your machine and it's your duty to take proper care of the heart to avoid sudden failures. Just like the battery water level, the engine oil level can be easily tracked through observation and it's imperative to refill the engine with a sufficient amount of oil to ensure optimal engine performance.

However, there is a wide range of choices in the engine oil department, thus it's necessary that you know the right oil type that perfectly aligns with your engine and top-up using only that engine oil.

Brake check

When it comes to the safety of the ride and the rider, one can't stress enough on the importance of having healthy brake pads that will help offer complete control and balance. Even though changing brake pads can seem like a tough task, but it's fairly easy and simple. With handy nose pliers, you can reach the back of the disc and remove the old, worn-out pads to replace them with new brake pads.

Moreover, you will have to calibrate the torque setting as per the brakes, thus it's advisable to seek the help of the instruction manual to perfectly strike the accurate torque and brake set.

Wash your ride

Apart from making your motorcycle look sleek and shiny, routine heavy soap washes also makes prevents your ride from getting exposed to corrosive particles which can effectively jam the motor parts of your machine. However, always remember to be careful while pouring water near the spark plug region, and also it's advisable to remove the battery before washing the motorcycle as the performance can be affected due to exposure to soap and water.

These were the 5 easy maintenance tips that every rider should know about. Furthermore, you should also know about the ongoing Ninja motorcycle sale offer listed at the best sports bike dealership on the entire biking network. In addition to the great deals on the high-performance Ninja motorcycle, we also provide a wide range of motorcycle options, all of which are offered at a reasonable price with impeccable customization options.

Therefore, combine your passion for biking with a ninja motorcycle that helps fulfill all your dreams and goals while also helping you get in touch with the irresistible charm of devoted biking.

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