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40cc Pocket Bikes: Enjoy the safest thrill of riding

The history of bikes or motorcycles started in the second half of 19th Century and since then there have been many significant improvements concerning the engine, the structure, and almost every other factor about them. Innovative Minds in the bike industry are coming up with great ideas for new generation bikes and are successfully making the overall bike-riding experience safer and more thrilling. In the same line of design and development, the milestone of Pocket Bikes was crossed with Doodle Bug Scooter in Webster City during the period of 1946-1948.

The underlying motive behind the idea of Pocket Bikes was to introduce the adventure and thrill of riding bikes in the younger generation. Pocket Bikes, basically, are scaled down version of their original counterparts. Bike Riding is known to help in the overall development of a personnel and under proper supervision, kids can benefit from their experience of bike riding.

In spite of the basic rationale behind the invention of Pocket Bikes, they are quite popular among adults. Pocket Bikes remain in different debates about adventure riding, traffic safety, etc. One reason or the other, Pocket Bikes are always trending. Buy your favorite Pocket Bikes from a wide range of options available at Belmonte Bikes right now, and enjoy the adventure of riding Pocket Bikes.


Increasing trend of Pocket Bikes

Do you think the trend of Pocket Bikes is rational? Here is a contradiction for you: There have been a lot of questions raised over the safety of Pocket Bikes and yet, there are racing events organized specially for them called Pocket Bike Racing. The trend of Pocket Bikes is real. Imagine moving with a speed of 30-40 mph at a height of 2 feet from the ground. This gust of adrenaline defines the thrill of riding Pocket Bikes, which sure is unmatched!

Times have changed now and so are the interests of teenagers. Teenagers of this generation are no more contained in movies or video games. There has been a shift of interests observed among the younger generation. But it’s not just them, Pocket Bikes are equally popular among adults. The birthday gifts of many teenagers have been replaced with “the safe adventure” - 40cc Pocket Bike.

It is quite interesting that the trend of Pocket Bikes has been up the hill since its invention. Pocket Bikes were used primarily in race events in the 90s and these events spread across all of Europe. Many of the popular and bike racers like Valentino Rossi started their sports careers on Pocket Bikes.

The available variety in Pocket Bikes

Pocket Bikes are available in a wide range of variety. This allows you to choose from a wide range of options in terms of color, engine strength, seating height, design, etc. For example, at Belmonte Bikes you can opt for the safer versions of Pocket Bikes like 40cc Pocket Bikes, or you can choose one with higher engine strength like 250cc Super Pocket Bikes.

You can enjoy the thrill of your dream bikes with their scaled-down Pocket Bike versions. This will save you a lot of money. If you are a fan of Ducati, you can choose its Pocket Bike clone and relish your dream bike. This adds another category in the “number of available options” of Pocket Bikes. With Pocket Bikes, you can pick a clone or replica of your dream bike and enjoy it to its fullest.

More than often, questions have been raised on the safety of Pocket Bikes. Many manufacturers of Pocket Bike do not take the necessary security measures and this reflects in the final product. So, choose a reliable store to ensure the safety of your loved one. Belmonte Bikes is one of the most reputed stores for all kinds of pocket bikes, dirt bikes, etc. Buy your favorite Pocket Bike, now, from many available options.

40cc Pocket Bike - A safe option

The 40cc Pocket Bike by Belmonte Bikes is one of the safest Mini Bike option available for your kid today. Here are a few features of the 40cc Pocket Bike.

  • A powerful 40cc, two-stroke, and an air-cooled engine.
  • It can reach a maximum speed of more than 30mph.
  • Easy pull-starter with a fuel tank of size 1.25 liters.
  • A special kill switch and extra large brakes are available to avoid any mishaps.

If driven under proper supervision and within the boundaries defined by traffic rules, Pocket Bikes are perfectly safe to ride. Introduce adventure in your mundane life and buy Pocket Bikes right now!

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