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3 Benefits of buying an electric 4-wheeler for your kid

In this technologically advanced era of super fast computers and mobile phones, it's fairly easy for your kids to get their hands on one and develop an addiction for it. While they enhance the capabilities of their mind, there are many risks related to continuous mobile or screen use that you may be well aware of. To state the obvious, mobile phones emit harmful radiations that can lead to cancer, heart diseases & sleeping disorders. On the other hand, using a mobile phone or computer for a prolonged amount of time heavily strains the eyes and may lead to loss of vision to an extent in young children.

So, letting them play with their gadgets all day is a big no-no. You have to make sure that they go and spend some time outside of the house, which is a much better way to make them physically and socially active and will actually provide a perfect setting to interact with other kids. A great way, as many parents agree, to make them go outside and have some fun is by gifting them an electric 4 wheeler and not just any kind of 4 wheeler, we are talking about an electric ATV.

Driving an electric ATV is filled with thrill and adventure and requires a good mind and body coordination to keep it under control at all times. KIds will greatly develop their cognitive abilities if they are given a chance to learn how to ride an ATV at an early age and most of it all it will make them really happy! Imagine your kid riding an electric ATV on your front porch with a gleaming smile on his face! I don’t think anything else will make him that happy.

And getting your hands on one is easy! Just go through our store and find an electric ATV that you like the most and place an order. It’s that easy! You’ll just have to spend around $200-$600 and you’ll be ready to gift your kid some real happiness.

Apart from sheer joy, here are other benefits electric ATV’s provide to your kids -

1. A safe riding exposure
If you want to develop your kid’s motor skills at an early age, buying him an electric 4 wheeler is your best bet. Also, by riding an ATV your kid’s cognitive abilities will develop greatly and he will have a better mind-body coordination right from an early age.

Gas powered ATV’s on the other hand are a lot faster than their electric counterparts and may turn out to be a catastrophe for your kid. So, it’s better to take the safe road and gift him an electric ATV for a pleasant and safe riding experience.

2. Encourages outdoor activity
It’s totally up to you if you want to gift your kid the latest gadget in town or an electric 4 wheeler on his next birthday. But with an adventurous ATV at his disposal, your kid will most probably look forward to taking that ATV outside for a ride everyday, it’s that much fun! Moreover, playing outside is always better for a young kid than staying at home the whole day with gadgets glued to their face!

3. It’s simply fun!
Riding an electric 4 wheeler requires a good body and mind coordination which your child may learn by riding an ATV on a regular basis. Also, the fun it offers to adults is the same for kids. They will unknowingly learn how to coordinate their mind and body in an extremely fun and adventurous way just by riding an ATV, which is much better than letting them play racing games!

So, there you go! It’s no coincidence that you see many kids from your block racing their electric 4 wheelers to see who’s the fastest. And we think it’s about time that you got your kid a shiny ATV too. An electric ATV will not only give him a safe riding exposure but also develop his cognitive abilities marginally, improving his mind-body coordination at an early age. But it comes with its own risks and it goes without saying that wearing safety gear on every ride is a must. Electric 4 wheelers may be slower than their gas powered brothers but they still can reach speeds which are fast for an average 6 year old. So, stay safe out there and always keep an eye on your kid while he is riding his shiny new ATV.

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