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2-Stroke Vs 4-Stroke Pocket Bikes: What Are The Different Types Of Pocket Bike Engines?

The automobile sector has witnessed a huge development in the 21st century. We have seen how power, speed, and technology can enhance the appearance and performance of any vehicle. Gone are the days when only a few teenagers could afford to commute via a scooter or motorcycle. The new age of two-wheelers called Pocket bikes is here which are fast, stylish, and easy to ride. These bikes have surely become the new normal for parents and their kids. 

What is a pocket bike?

These bikes are the miniature versions of the standard-sized bikes that are roaming on the roads around us. They are the first choice of children but they fulfill the riding requirement of an adult as well. They can also be used as a learner bike to get a brief idea about the road circumstances and the usual way of driving as they give almost the same experience as a regular bike. But there are certain types of differences between the pocket bike and a standard bike like:

  • Engine: The main difference between the two types of bikes is in the power of their engine. A regular bike is equipped with an engine of 50-100cc while the engine of a pocket bike is around 150cc. Almost all the miniature bikes that are gracing the roads are the 4 stroke pocket bikes while a standard bike has only 2 strokes.

  • Speed: Another difference is between their acceleration and top speed. While a standard bike can go up to 120-160km/hr, a 4 stroke pocket bike can reach a top speed of 30-40 km/hr only. 

  • Maneuverability: While a standard bike has a bigger engine and bigger parts, it is comparatively easy to turn. A pocket bike is built compactly, so it allows a small turning radius. 

  • Cost: Another main difference between the two types of bikes lies in their cost. While a 2 stroke standard bike has a reasonably higher price tag, a standard 4 stroke pocket bike is usually affordable. 

Origin of Pocket bikes

Pocket bikes have a long and wide history that goes back to the 50s just after mechanized racing karts came into the market. Various types of contests were organized everywhere which were somewhat similar to jousting. But these bikes became almost obsolete in the 60s. 

But after almost a decade, they again got the opportunity they always deserve. Japan used these bikes in some serious sports activities in the 70s. But as we all know that Italy has uplifted the automobile landscape, they transformed these low-standard bikes into racing monsters. These mini bikes were involved in several types of sports which helped them gain huge popularity all over Europe in the 90s. 

The main event that throttled the popularity of these bikes was the Swiss Pocket bike Championship. This gave birth to an entire era associated with these pocket bikes. These events gave them huge spectators from North America and Asia. Italy still holds the award of producing the most number of pocket bikes, while cheaper inexpensive models are being marketed by China. 

These latest models of pocket bikes are extensively available in the market nowadays. Some entry-level pocket bikes produce 4-5 hp, while some racing models possess the capacity to produce an output of almost 14 hp. The cost of these bikes varies according to the quality that you choose. An inexpensive Chinese model comes with a price tag of $200, while the price of a swanky Italian pocket beast can go as high as $5000. 

Types of Pocket bikes


Pocket bikes are available mainly in two types of variants: electric and gas-powered. Let’s discuss a little about them in detail. 

  • Electric-powered pocket bike: These types of bikes are usually suitable for new riders who have just stepped into the riding landscape and seek safer riding options. These are usually available in the best high-quality and even are equipped with strong frames which can easily house a grown-up person. A 350W electric motor is always a safe and smart option for training new bikers. 

  • Gas-powered pocket bike: This class of pocket bikes is usually manufactured for speed lovers. Their engine size is comparatively small but their usual speed range is quite high. That’s why safety equipment is necessary while riding these. Originally they were made for races and championships, but nowadays they are very popular among the youth

Another class of bikes, the mini choppers, are also gaining supreme popularity among the children. These models get their style from the road cruisers. They are usually built for campgrounds where legality issues can be ignored.

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