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Henes Broon F830 Electric Toy RC Car 12V With 7-inch Tablet & WIFI - Black

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This is a Brand New Henes Broon F830 Power Wheels Toy Car 3rd Generation. Equipped with the 12V rechargeable battery (charger included), 7-inch Android Tablet with access to Google Play Store, and WIFI compatible.  The newest generation of the Henes Broon F830 can be an education center for your young one, arcade, and a movie theater all in one. Also has a trunk and hood that open/close. The Broon F830 has built-in speakers, bright LED headlights and turn signals, spring suspension & shock absorbers, leather seats & seat belt, and much more! With a max speed of 5MPH, the Broon F830 comes with 3 different driving modes (Comfort, Normal, Dynamic). Can be driven on paved road or rough surfaces such as grass. Comes fully equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 remote control for full control of the car without being in it!



Product Features:


Broon very much is a product of today's leading technology. Constant thriving to deepen our research and continual investment in the best people and the latest technology aided design and R&D facilities have empowered Henes to produce the ultimate toy of wonders.

3-Smart Driving Modes

There are three different driving modes: Comfort / Normal / Dynamic, which can be electronically adjusted using the mode change system. The modes can be selected as per the user's preferences, driving ability, or the age of the user.

Individual Suspensions with Gas Shock Absorber & Coil Spring on all 4 Wheels

Broon is equipped with individual suspensions on all wheels. The suspensions have upper and lower arm structure, which firmly supports the wheels. The gas shock absorbers prevent vibration stemming from the springs, thus providing the smoothest driving, even on rough surfaces. It will be the most comfortable ride your child can ever experience.

Completely Modularized & Standardized Structure

Henes have managed to develop a completely standardized modularization of interior and exterior structure, which allows user's to customize its internal settings and the exterior designs in various ways in the simplest manner.

The completely modularized exterior components allows users to easily interchange the parts with other Broon models. This also opens the door to customization of the Broon F830.

Spoke Wheels & Urethane Foam Tires

Unlike the toy wheels on most kids' vehicles, Broon's wheel structure is similar to that on an actual motor vehicle. The spoke wheels, which is lighter, more agile, and durable, are connected to the suspension and steering link via wheel fastener. Internally, large bearings are used on each wheel, allowing it to rotate smoothly. In addition, a dense urethane foam tire is used, minimizing vibration and noise from the road while vastly improving traction and overall performance.


Product Specifications:

Age Recommendation: 1.5 - 3 years old (RC Mode)
Age Recommendation: 3 - 5 years old (Manual Driving Mode)
Child Max Size: View picture showing seating dimensions
Rechargeable 12V 14Ah Battery Pack
Bluetooth 2.4 GHz Remote Control
7-inch Android Tablet PC with WiFi and MP3
Independent Gas Shock Absorber Suspension Independent
Two 12 Volt Batteries for Continuous 2 hours of Driving
Leather Bucket Seat and Urethane Tires
Variable Electronic Speed Control & Steering
Completely Modularized Parts
Dual 12V/24V 15,000RPM 5 Series DC Motor
5-Level Speed Control Mode
3 Driving Modes
120 phase angle detection
Electronic Multi-link Steering System
Electronic Radio Control System
Smart Safety Driving System
High Density Urethane Tires
Electronic Braking System
Touch Pad Control
4 point seat belt
Sliding Dock Dashboard
Battery Pack System
Driving Information System
Voice, Visual Guidance System
Self-Diagnosis System
Box Size: 52x26x17 inches
Box Weight: 75 lbs
Car Size: 49x24x19 inches
Car Weight: 65 lbs




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